From Blogging to Jogging Linky


So every year we all make the new years resolution (me included)………. “this is going to be a new me” We all get on a huge health kick, vowing/promising to lose weight, fast forward to Summer and them extra pounds are still there, then come Christmas and were panicking yet again about still being fat, and wanting to look slimmer for Christmas.  Its a vicious circle.

Hannah from @BuddingSmiles (Hannahs idea) and I set up a support network on Facebook  From Blogging to Jogging was born. So many bloggers joined that Hannah and I decided that a weekly linky would be a great place to feature all of our health and fitness posts, so here we are!

There’s nothing complicated about it, your posts can be about absolutely anything health and fitness related and the linky will be open every Monday to Wednesday. The rules are pretty simple: Link up, comment on at least two other posts, tweet Hannah and I using the #BloggingToJogging tag with your posts and we’ll retweet them. If you’d like to follow us both on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too that would be very lovely of you, but that’s not mandatory!


So, here is the first ever From Blogging to Jogging linky, I hope it works!

Please visit and comment on at least two other posts, more if you fancy it. Tweet your link using #BloggingToJogging and then Hannah (@BuddingSmiles) and I (@Emma4Facs) will retweet. On your marks, get set, GO!


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