Campaign Achievements


Things Achieved 2012- April 2014

• Reached Phase 10 on MP’s meetings with 50 MP’s supporting.
• Met with Diane Abbott MP 14th May 2013 Labours Health Team
• Support from the Thalidomide Campaigners
• Twitter campaign
• Award winning Website
• Produced new leaflets and Parent Brochure
• Media Conference at Parliament in January 2013
• Inside Out Programme in February 2013
• Westminster Hall Debate 26th March 2013
• Meeting with Epilepsy Action agreeing on figures and offering support
• INFACTs campaign featured in the Epilepsy Action Magazine.
• Met with Epilepsy Society working towards information input.
• INFACT become International (New Zealand)
• Brought in 2 new members to Medical team Dr Rob Levy & Dr Jim Morrow which later became the ‘Anti-Epileptic Drugs in Pregnancy, Maternal & Child Health Advisory Group’ (AEDiP MCHAG)
• 1st July Panorama programme
• 16TH August met with MHRA
• 3 EDM’s (No’s. 9, 1021 & 385)
• Became stakeholders in NICE 30th August 2013
• Became Stakeholders in MHRA 1st September 2013
• Joined Thalidomide APPG to become Harmful Drugs Prescribed in Pregnancy
• 1st APPG AGM 15th October 2013 where INFACT accepted in attended with Dr Peter Turnpenny.
• Meeting with Norman Lamb MP Minister for Care & Support asking for Public Inquiry
• Asked by MHRA to join their Patient Group Consultative Forum Pilot Scheme
• Joined forces with Epilepsy Action and Epilepsy Society over Governments issues
• Met with Glenys Wilmott MEP (18th Jan 2014)
• Letter from Lambeth Palace Arch Bishop of Canterbury 3rd February 2014
• 1st Civil Disobedience in Guildford followed by Article in Guildford Advertiser following week.
• 13th March 2014 2nd Civil Disobedience at the Pharmaceutical Awards.
• Meeting with Luciana Berger Shadow Health Minister 19th March 2014
• 2nd Meeting with MHRA (28th March 2014) to discuss Survey & European Review
• Meeting with Dept of Health 28th March 2014)
• 1ST Meeting with Sanofi (28th March 2014)
Invited to give evidence at Europeans Medicine Agency, an initiative we set up with MHRA for Epilim to be monitored again

FACSA Support Group

FACSA Support Group


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