Epilepsy, Pregnancy and Pills Campaign

Epilepsy medications (AEDs) are not only used to treat Epilepsy but also used for a variety of different illness such as
1. Migraine
2. Pain Relief
3. Depression
4. Bipolar Disorder

With regards to treating the illness they can be very good, however taking these medications during pregnancy. These medications when taken during pregnancy can be harmful to the foetus as the medicine passes through the placenta. It is now a known fact that the medicines listed can affect the baby.
Carbamazepine CR - Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited 0 (2)
Topiramate Tablet_ Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited 0
The medical diagnosis of when the medication affects the baby is known as FACS (Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome).
Symptoms of FACS are :
• Premature Birth
• Small fingernail
• Spina Bifida / Cerebral Palsy
• Limb defects
• Joint Laxity
• Characteristical facial features
• Delay in reaching milestones
• Gross and fine motor skills
• Autistic Spectrum Disorders
• Speech and Language Delay
• Attention and memory difficulty
• Vision problems
• Incontinence
• Inguinal Hernia
• Hypospadias
• Bowel Problems

Sodium Valproate (Epilim) was introduced in 1973 and was predominantly prescribed for Epilepsy, however it is now used for different illnesses. Our campaign estimated along with MHRA (Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency) that an estimated 20,000 persons have been affected by Epilim with 500 babies born per year and is still ongoing.


9 thoughts on “Epilepsy, Pregnancy and Pills Campaign

  1. Is this correct that Lamotrigine causes problems as I was told it was safe when I was pregnant. My son had a bad SDH from an accident that shouldnt have caused that much damage on his first birthday and now I am worried!!!!!!!

  2. Hi I was told carbamazepine retard was one of the safer drugs and only risk was cleft pallet, hole in the heart or spina biffida seeing as none of these were present in my scan I thought everything was fine but my daughter has been diagnosed with Asd and struggled to meet milestones etc etc etc please help x

  3. I was on epilim on all three of my pregnancy and I have been on epilim since the age of three and was told that my three out of this world children are perfect as the medication did not cause any defects but now with my middle child he has behaviour problems and the hospital are testing for artisum and he is delayed in some school work but he is my mirical as I almost lost him at birth as I had three epileptic fits well in labour but now I look at him five years later and say I would go throw all that again as he is the most sweet loving well manned little boy in the world and I can say he is mine

    • That’s lovely to hear Sarah and even though all my 5 children have been affected and are Autistic etc I wouldn’t change them for the world. For all peoples affected by Epilim we are seeking compensation for all children affected x x

  4. I have a 13 year old girl who when I was pregnant with I took carbamasapine and epilepsy day and night. As she has grown up I’ve noticed she’s a very anxious person and everything is much worse for my daughter to suffer then a normal person such as when she comes down with something going round or if she’s due her period. Do you think this may have anything to do with the tablets I took when I was pregnant with her?

  5. The More I read about trying to have a baby on my meds puts me off, but it shouldn’t do that, the meds should be made to safe if women want to have children but still reduced the seizures and trying not to cause problems for the baby at birth to future life……

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