From Blogging to Jogging – Week 2


Week 2 of “from blogging to jogging” and already Hannah and I are delighted that so many people have taken part.  This week were we absolutely thrilled when we were featured in Tots 100 feature of Top 5 Healthy Blogs To be recognised by such a distinguished site was fabulous, so Thank you Tots 100.


My week starts tomorrow as tonight I went to Slimming World.  A new plan has been introduced in order to kick everyones weight loss.  They are phasing out your red and green days so you can basically eat carbs and proteins together.  I was delighted to win a prize tonight…….. a fabulous fruit basket, so I’ve got my fruit sorted for the week.  My fitbit has been tracking all my excercise all week, and I am happy with what I have reached.Planning is key at Slimming World so I’m now going to plan as many meals as I can for the week and look forward to a good weight loss this week.


I will keep posting encouraging posts on Instagram and linking them upto Twitter under the hashtag #bloggingtojogging and remember to post how you are going on with the linky on Hannahs blog

Good luck everyone and have a great week ::))


Wobble Wednesday

Wobbles Wednesday

Another week gone by, 21 days till my holiday.

I’m back at the gym and spinning and trying to go as and when I can. It’s hard fitting it in with the kids, family and more often than not I’m too tired to go in the evening, I just want to watch the soaps :) I’ve been having a lot of seizures lately, which Im not enjoying as they leave me exhausted. The thought of the gym with my body sore and aching from the seizures its so off putting, but I know realistically excercise is the only way to lose weight.

I’ve totally cut out bread, pasta etc as I was finding when I eat them I would get horrendous tummy ache and my stomach would swell up (as if it isn’t big enough) and just cutting them out alone, feels great. I’m conscious of what I eat all the time but I think it can get too much. So I’ve resigned to myself to the fact that after 5 kiddies my body is really not the same. I’m always going to have my muffin top, it’s part of me. I know I have lost inches as my clothes and coat are that little bit looser.
So onwards and upwards it’s about making the right food choices, and if I can fit in 3 sessions of exercise a week, I’m more than happy.

I found a great picture this week and it basically sums everything up for people on that dieting road. Have a great week everyone :)

Wobble Wednesday

Wobbles Wednesday

This week has been a very self sabotaging week for me. Friday I was down in London and had 3 major meetings for the campaign, with MHRA, Department of Health and lastly the Drug Company. At all 3 meetings there were endless rounds of coffee then by the end of the day we were in celebration mode as we had great results. The meal replacements of Lipotrim went right out of the window and in came the cream cakes from Valerie Patisserie.

Saturday was one of my best friend’s wedding. I couldn’t go to a wedding and not eat the meal that had been paid for …..It would be so rude. The dinner and most importantly pudding was fab. I did however get exercise into the day with the dancing I was doing in the evening and let me tell you…..I danced away :)
As I don’t drink (Social drinker) I generally am tipsy from the smell of alcohol. Hangover from hell on Sunday morning. As I was child free at the wedding, alcohol was going down me like it was running out. So, all of Sunday I wanted hangover food and ended up with KFC, Ferrero Rocher (Mothers Day present). I did maintain the Lipotrim rule of drinking 4 litres of water(which was needed).

All this week I’ve generally been good. The intake of water I’ve noticed a huge difference as I’m not feeling as tired and my skin is a lot clearer also. I’m not weighing myself but going off my clothes size and I have noticed a difference. I’ve just got to stay more positive and dream of that beach body.

Have a good week everyone.


Wobble Wednesday

Wobbles Wednesday

So for the last few weeks Ive been getting more and more stressed about my impending holiday to Portugal. As much as I cant wait to get there, lovely sunshine, beach, nice bars etc The thought of wearing shorts, skirts, etc has been filling me with dread.
Last week I joined upto a meal replacement programme called LipoTrim. Its very similar to the Cambridge Diet – basically 3 milkshakes a day and aim to drink 3-4 litres of water a day. On the 1st day I was all set and motivated, the milkshakes were nice (ish) but by the 2nd and 3rd day I was literally in tears. You are not allowed any food at all. Not a crumb. I was down in London at Parliament with the Campaign, I was so hungry and whilst in a meeting with an MP I nearly fainted. Everyone around the table had tea and coffee with milk whilst I had to have just plain tea with no milk. This week has been torture but by the 5th – 6th day was feeling a lot better.

Yesterday was Weigh In. I was convinced I was losing 2lb and had already planned to go into Costa Coffee for a lemon tart. Suprisingly I had lost 5lb. Instantly I felt great. That feeling of knowing I had actually lost outweighs all the bad days. It is a drastic “diet” to do but I need something like this because I am your typical Little Picker and as my husband says “a Secret Eater” (Not that I think I am!!)
I’ve been advised by the consultant at Lipotrim to drink more water. If I’m feeling tired or lethargic drink more water. She likened the body to a car…. If a car has no petrol it cant move, a pretty good analysis so for me to keep going I need to drink more.
Hopefully for next weeks Wobble Wednesday I will have an update with good news. Have a good week Wobblers….we are in this together :)

For more information on Lipotrim click on the link