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Pale? Feeling Tired & Lacking Energy? Read Julie Neville’s Advice on Anaemia

I’ve recently been in hospital and after having the usual blood tests it has come back that my Iron levels are really low and need to take more vitamins.  The constant tired feeling and the need for bronzing pearls will explain all this.  Here is advice from the lovely Julie Neville with whom I am in regular contact with and has agreed for me to feature her blogs

What Is Anaemia?

Anaemia is not a disease but rather a symptom of various diseases therefore once diagnosed the cause should be investigated.

Anaemia reduces the amount of oxygen available to the cells within the body and as a result they have less energy to perform their normal functions. Muscular activity, cell building and repair all slow down and become less efficient.

When the brain lacks oxygen dizziness may result and certainly mental sharpness, focusand concentration are severely affected.

What Do I Do If I Think I Have Anaemia?

If you are diagnosed with anaemia, as well as increasing your iron intake, it is also very important to increase your intake of vitamins B12, folic acid and vitamin C also to optimize absorption.

Too much iron in the body can also be problematic so best to get your levels checked before supplementing.

And What Causes Anaemia?

There are several causes of low iron levels such as gastritis, crohns disease, coeliac disease, smoking, heavy periods, drug use, hormone disorders, surgery, infections, repeated pregnancy, liver damage, rheumatoid arthritis, bone marrow disease, dietary deficiencies and an underactive thyroid just to name a few.

Anaemia can often go unrecognised – the first signs of developing it are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty in concentrating

Once the anaemia becomes more established the symptoms widen to include:

  • Coldness of the extremities such as hands and feet
  • Fatigue & Weakness
  • Depression
  • Soreness of the mouth
  • Weak and brittle nails
  • Ceasing of menstruation and loss of libido

What Foods Should I Avoid if I Have Anaemia?

Tea and coffee reduce the absorption of iron from food so if you do not want to cut them out, or at least avoid drinking them with meals.

Too much fibre can also reduce the absorption of iron so do not take your supplements at the same time as eating such foods.

Avoid beer, candy bars, dairy products, ice cream and soft drinks which can all interfere with iron absorption.

Avoid foods that are high in oxalic acid interfere with iron absorption which include almonds, cashew, chocolate, cocoa, kale, rhubarb, soda, spinach and most nuts and beans.

Good news…Foods to add into the Diet if you are Anaemic

-Most meats are high in Iron especially liver

-Many breakfast cereals now contain added iron.

-Green and leafy vegetables and sprouted seeds are all high in iron.


Blackstrap molasses is a good source of iron and essential B Vitamins and delicious too. This Meridian Blackstrap Molasses we stock at WinNaturally is excellent – and yummy!

Dried fruits are high in iron and I highly recommend snacking on our Urban Fruit or Clearly Scrumptious ranges which are great for snacking on the go and lunch boxes

Foods extremely high in iron are:

  • Kidney beans
  • Liver
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Rice bran
  • Mustard greens
  • Lentils
  • Peaches
  • Prune juice

What Daily Remedies Can I Take For Anaemia?


I would suggest taking Vitamin C, folic acid and B12 daily to help increase the absorption of iron. The very best Vitamin C supplement I have come across is Biocare Vitamin C 1000mg.


The Better You B12 Oral Energy Spray is rapidly absorbed by the body and tastes delicious too.  Four sprays under the tongue daily.  This is one of our best selling products and customers often report feeling a real boost in energy after just four or five days.  Great value for money too. Vitamin B12 is important in red blood cell production.

Take good multi vitamin daily too as the minerals will help your body to utilize the iron more effectively – again the Biocare one a day multi vitamin and mineral formula is high potency, natural and readily absorbed by the body so extremely effective.

The Biocare Folguard supplement is also an excellent Folic Acid and B12 combined vitamin. Folic Acid is needed for blood cell formation.

I would also highly recommend adding the Biocare B Complex to your daily supplement programme.

Julie’s Helpful Tips

Always take your iron supplements with a glass of orange juice as the vitamin C will aid its absorption.


It is easy to add iron to your diet in the form of our lovely liquid formulas – this Floradix range are best sellers for both adults and children – delicious and fruity.  It contains a readily absorbable form of iron that is non-toxic and from a natural source.

Do not take calcium, vitamin E, zinc or antacids at the same time as iron supplements as again these can interfere with iron absorption.

You don’t have to keep feeling weak, tired and lacking energy, try some of my remedies above and please make sure you consult your doctor.

Live Healthily

Julie x

Ex-United star Phil Neville’s wife Julie launches weight loss club

The health guru came up with the idea after customers at her health store asked for help with dieting.

Julie Neville, the wife of ex-United star Phil, has set up a new weight-loss club

Footballer’s wife and health guru Julie Neville has launched a free slimming club… after being inundated with people hoping to achieve their weight loss goals.

The wife of former United and England star Phil Neville came up with the idea of launching the project thanks to customers at her wellness store, Win Naturally.

Mum-of-two Julie, 39, whose store in Manchester Arndale sells natural health products, said: “We are inundated with people coming into the store looking for help and motivation to lose weight.

“Many have followed various random and extreme diets, which have failed, and are looking for a natural but effective approach.

“People frequently make the wrong choices to assist their body in losing weight, such as having a completely fat free diet, which is hugely detrimental not only to their weight, but their body as a whole.

“I really wanted to make the weight loss club accessible to everyone, which is why there are no weigh-in charges or set dates and times to be weighed.”

Anyone who joins the club will receive a free weight loss guide, free advice and the chance to win free products and discount vouchers.

Laura Bolton, 26, from Warrington, has lost nine stone with the help of Julie Neville
Laura Bolton, 26, from Warrington, has lost nine stone with the help of Julie Neville

United fan Laura Bolton, 26, from Warrington, has lost nine stone with Julie’s help and who now works for the company. She said: “My weight loss had come to a standstill and I knew Julie was a health expert from following Phil on Twitter.

“I contacted her for some tips and motivation and could not believe it when she replied.

“She regularly sent me advice on great supplements to help with cravings as well as encouraging me to exercise. She really kept me on track.”

Win Naturally was launched by Phil and Julie Neville in 2011.

The idea for the company came about following Julie’s ill health after the birth of their second child.

After struggling to regain her health and taking a range of prescribed medicines – which Julie was told she would have to take for the rest of her life – she started on a journey through diet, nutrition and supplements that led to her coming off the medicines. She had never felt fitter or healthier.

She went on to study nutrition and set up Win Naturally. The company supplies most of the Premier League clubs, the England national team and elite athletes with nutrition products.

Which pill do 3.5m women take in the UK and know very little about?



It is estimated 1:3 women of reproductive age take the contraceptive pill.

Of the 3.5m women in the UK who take it, many may not be aware of the potential side effects. We assume because it is common and “the norm” then there are no side effects at all.

This is very much untrue.



How Does The Pill work?

The progesterone-only pill or ‘mini pill’ provides contraception by thickening the mucous in the cervix and making it impenetrable by the sperm.  Progestogen is synthetic progesterone.  The combined pill which contains both oestrogen and progesterone prevents pregnancy by thickening the mucous and supressing ovulation.

Potential side effects from taking a contraceptive pill include:

-Blood clotting in the legs
-High blood pressure
-Increased risk of heart disease and stroke
-Weight gain & Fluid retention
-Migraines & Mood swings
-Breast tenderness
-Change in sex drive
-Spotting between periods

How does The Pill effect me nutritionally?

The pill actually depletes the body of vital nutrients such as Vitamins B and C as well as minerals such as magnesium, zinc and calcium. Taking the pill for prolonged periods can also increase the risk of candida.

So, changes that should be made to the diet:

Here’s what to do less of…

-Reduce your intake of alcohol, caffeine and salt
-Do not smoke – the pill increases the risk of blood clots and smoking has been shown to considerably increase many of the hazards of the pill such as heart disease and blood clots
-Reduce your intake of refined sugars, animal protein and dairy products as well as saturated fats in products such as cakes, biscuits, pastries, burgers, sausages etc.

Here’s where you need to increase

-Eat lots of whole grains such as brown rich, quinoa, millet wholemeal breads and pasta. We stock all of these products at WinNaturally


Increase your intake of fish as well as sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds as these are all rich in zinc and the pill raises copper levels which depletes zinc.  Our munchy seed range is fantastic and I never leave home without a tub in my bag – loved by all the family too

Munchy Seeds

Natural muesli, low sugar cereals and oats are all rich in B vitamins

Eat more live yoghurt to increase friendly bacteria – again depleted by the pill

Increase your intake of foods containing a hormone regulating substance called indole-3-carbinole – these foods include cabbage, watercress, broccoli and cauliflower

Most fruits are rich in vitamin C but especially melons, mango, cherries, papaya and apricots.

And to help replace those lost nutrients…here’s my recommended supplements:

Biocare Femfortethis really is a must and by far the very best female multi vitamin and mineral formula I have ever come across.Biocare FemForte


Biocare Vitamin C 1000mg taken daily

Biocare B Complex – the pill depletes the B Vitamins so take this supplement daily

Biocare Zinc taken daily


And don’t take it from me…a recent study from the Public Health Sciences Division of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle reported in The Telegraph on Saturday August 2nd reported the following about high and low dose contraceptive pills…. 

Just be more aware ladies….please.

Julie x

Are you one of 10m Hay Fever sufferers in the UK?

Information from the lovely Julie Neville

Hay fever levels and sufferers are at an all-time high in the UK. Pre Industrial Revolution, hay fever did not exist but since we have polluted our atmosphere and subsequently our bodies the number of sufferers is rapidly on the increase. It has been proven that there is an initial trigger for hay fever such as an accumulation of pollutants including pesticides and paint sprays (there are hundreds).  These become the sensitizers causing the membranes in the nose and throat to become inflamed. The body then treats the next thing that comes along such as grass pollen as a foreign invader which increases any inflammation and induces allergic type symptoms Hay fever symptoms vary from sore, puffy and itchy eyes, to congested sinuses or a runny nose. Four Foods To Avoid

  1. Avoid foods high in sugar as these reduce immune function
  2. Reduce salt, alcohol and caffeine
  3. Dairy foods increase mucous formation and will most certainly make symptoms worse so try to avoid altogether when acute and then reduce general intake at all other times
  4. Avoid all foods with any additives and preservatives and try to eat organic. Remember it is chemicals that will have sensitized the body in the first place.

Six Food Groups To Add Into Your Diet

  1. Replace cow’s milk rice, coconut, almond or oat milk
  2. Try to drink raw juices daily and include lots of vegetables in them. Check out my blog for lots of juice recipes.  These boost the immune system and detox the whole body. They are a great way to get a vast array of vitamins and minerals into the body in a form that is readily absorbed.
  3. Drink at least two litres of water daily as being dehydrated exacerbates hay fever symptoms
  4. Nettle tea may ease symptoms
  5. Garlic and onions are both rich in quercetin which can help to reduce the severity of allergic reactions
  6. Eat lots of berries such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries as well as plums and red grapes as these are excellent sources of bioflavonoids which protect the mucous membranes

Useful Remedies Biocare Hystazyme Plus is a specialist combination providing a range of nutrients to

Histazyme Plus

support respiratory health during seasonal changes.  It contains nutrients that are useful for the maintenance of a healthy immune system when pollens and other environmental factors place extra pressures on the body’s nutritional requirements Biocare Vitamin C 2-3 grams daily  which acts like a mild anti-histamine   Biocare Garlic plus capsules can ease congestion and reduce hay fever symptoms Biocare B Complex – it is vital to ensure you have a good source of B Vitamins You need to take probiotics daily and I highly recommend the Biocare BioAcidophilus. These healthy bacteria help to boost immune function and heal the gut thus reducing the toxins that enter the blood stream and also reduce allergic reactions. Biocare also do an excellent children’s probiotic.

  • haymax_pureHaymax is a brilliant product. Apply the natural balm to the base of the nose and it prevents the pollen from entering the body – no pollen, no sneezing.  A really simple yet extremely effective product.



Another effective product is the Weleda Rhinodoran Nasal Spray. It clears blocked and stuffy noses when you have a cold or are suffering from hay fever. It really clears and refreshes all the airways. Homeopathic Remedies have proven to ease hay fever symptoms and the Weleda Mixed Pollen tablets are what I would recommend. They contain a mixture of grasses, cereals and early and mid-blossom trees and weeds.I most definitely advise taking a greens supplement such as the Nutricology Pro Greens

lean greens

orLean Greens. Not only do these boost energy, detox the entire body, boost the thyroid, boost the metabolism, aid digestion and heal the gut and intestines, they also reduce any inflammation in the body so fantastic for arthritis, IBS and even hay fever Helpful Tips It is worth being tested for food intolerances – your GP can arrange this for you or this is also a service we offer at Win Naturally. We also sell a fantastic food intolerance test kit that you can do at home which is extremely accurate and the only home test kit I would recommend.   Many people find relief from adding local honey to their daily diet and it is thought that the pollen in the honey protects you from developing full blown hay fever.   You may want to consider using a Made by Zen Aroma diffuser during the day in the room in which you spend the most time and particularly in your bedroom overnight with the breathe easy pure essential oil added which is excellent at opening the airways. Wear sunglasses when outside to prevent pollen entering the eyes Wash hair daily to remove pollen from the hair that can then be transferred onto the skin and into the body


For more information

Best Food For Footballers….for Phil & Harvey Neville…Mum knows best

Julie Neville knows what the best food is to feed a footballer

phil julie in store_1


With a footie-mad family starting with Julie’s husband ex England, Manchester United and Everton player, Phil Neville, brother-in-law and former England and Manchester United star Gary and now her son Harvey,  Julie has a breadth of experience making sure she knows what food to feed footballing family.

This self-taught food diet and nutrition expert knows exactly what it takes to fuel athletes. From a big breakfast to drinking plenty of fluids and choosing the right snacks.

Now Julie is revealing the health problems that inspired her to learn about food, change the way her family eats and created a blueprint for any athletic person, young or old, amateur or professional. And it all begins when you wake up.

“A proper breakfast is vital, although Philip is now coaching, his


regime remains intense and our son Harvey aged 11 is in a football academy so still on a daily basis I’m preparing the type of meals that Philip would have had while he was playing to fuel my boys for optimum performance, endurance and recovery”. 

“Harvey’s typical breakfast is a large bowl of fresh fruit, a wholemeal toasted bagel with butter, twoWeetabix with hot milk andManuka honey or porridge withManuka honey (I add 

Comvita Manuka Honey

probiotics and multivitamins to the Weetabix and porridge) plus a yogurt drink or smoothie.

“I know this sounds like a lot but children burn a lot of calories especially those who play sport, plus all the research shows that kids who eat a proper breakfast perform better at school.”

Julie, who is CEO and Founder of a wellness store specialising insports and health nutrition and makes sure Phil never leaves the house on an empty stomach either.”Recent research showing not only that those who ate a good breakfast daily weighed significantly less than those that did not, but that concentration levels were much greater in those that ate breakfast.”Hydration is really important as well, the England team will need to keep really hydrated playing in the soaring heat of Brazil.
Philip always takes electrolyte tablets in his water to help himrehydrate. 

high5 Zero Tablets


“Favourites with our elite athletes are the Hi 5 ZERO tablets and the OTE Hydro Tablets. As for Harvey he doesn’t drink any sports drinks – they’re not required at his age and rot teeth.

“Instead he would have Berry Co Goji Berry juice in his drinks bottle which is one of the most nutrient-dense juices in the world right now and a fantastic source of energy or the amazing children’s Vita Coco range of flavoured coconut waters which are fantastic.

Vita cocoKids

“Coconut waters remain a favourite too with all our elite and professional athletes during and post training.”

Julie became interested inhealth and wellbeing after complications from the traumatic birth of her second child Isabella.

She lost a large amount of blood during the birth, didn’t even meet her baby until 36 hours after delivery and had to bear being separated from Isabella who spent several weeks in intensive care.

Julie went on to become anaemic and was then diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and six weeks after Isabella’s birth, she developed a blood clot and had to be hospitalised.

Later she collapsed and needed emergency surgery on her eyes for acute glaucoma.

Exhausted and emotional Julie began to suffer with insomnia and panic attacks and was told she’d be on medication for the rest of her life.

Then at 18 months old, Isabella was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that affects movement and coordination, and needed special medical attention.


Eczema – Hard to Live with. Harder to get rid of.

Top 5 Tips for Eczema

1. How Many People…? If you suffer with Eczema, you’re not alone. Around 6 million people in the UK are now affected by eczema and 1 in in 5 children now suffer with this awful, irritating, skin condition.

Dermatitis is its medical name and whether you’re atopic (genetic) work-related (contact), the circular (discoid) or any of the other recognised types of Eczema, we sympathise. Its awful. Truly awful.

Many conditions may be treated from the outside to manage the Eczema, but don’t forget to to look within. Diet can play a part in helping.


2. Foods to Try and Avoid Sugar affects the immune system so reduce your intake and replace with agave syrup where possible. Read more here about Agave Syrup.

Agave Syrup

Avoid preservatives, additives and pesticides. Reduce your intake of dairy, alcohol and tomatoes. Reduce your intake of wheat – it may be worth switching to gluten free foods to see if symptoms improve.  We currently stock an amazing range of quality gluten free foods.


Cut out tea and coffee and replace with herbal teas.  Our Heath and Heather and Pukka range of herbal teas are both delicious and nutritious.


3. Foods to add into the Diet Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. clearspring-oliveExtra Virgin olive oil – our Clear Spring Olive oil is wonderful and we use it daily in our house. Drink freshly made juices – read my blog each week for a new variety. Oily fish for the essential fats. Foods that cleanse the liver such as beetroot, celery and artichokes. Seeds will nourish the skin and speed up the healing process so munch on them throughout the day. Have a look at our munchy seeds range, they come in many varieties and are handy to carry with you.  I always have a packet in my handbag and even our children love them. Add linseeds or flaxseeds to your daily diet.  Our Linwoods range are already ground and so easy to add to soups, cereals and salads. Avocados are rich in vitamin E and so aid skin healing.


4. Useful Remedies Take a good multi vitamin daily.  Biocare is a good quality brand and easily digested by the body.  They also do a great children’s vitamin.  This comes in capsules or powder and I simply add it to Harvey and Isabella’s porridge every morning.


Take a good probiotic as the friendly bacteria improves digestion and reduces immune responses.  A good one is Biocare BioAcidophilus.  Again, we currently stock a children’s one which is strawberry flavoured too. L-Glutamine aids the healing of the gut so worth taking daily also.  We stock a fantastic Biocare L-Glutamine. Evening primrose oil has been shown to help heal eczema.   Again my recommendation would be the Biocare evening primrose oil.

Biocare Evening Primrose Oil

Fish oils are anti inflammatory so again supplement with Biocare Mega EPA 1000 or the Biocare junior fish oil capsule. Calendula cream and lotion can be extremely effective at relieving the itching caused by eczema.  Have a look at our Weleda range. OurSalcura skincare range is specifically designed for eczema and is fantastic.  I would highly recommend it. Manuka Honey is both amazing for the digestive system and immune system and can also be placed directly onto the skin.  The higher the UMF the higher anti bacterial properties it contains. Nutricology Pro Greens or Lean Greens – I take this daily – fantastic at alkalizing the whole body, boosts the immune system and energy levels but has also been shown to be effective in treating eczema and other skin conditions and allergies.  Another effective product are the Wheatgrass shots which you simply take one sachet of daily.

Alassala Argan Oil

Moroccan Argan Oil –The most amazing natural Argan oil proven to be not only a fabulous anti ager and hydrating to the face and body – it is also extremely effective in treating skin conditions.


5. Julie’s Helpful TipsRemove as many chemical containing products from your home and life as possible.  Don’t forget those hidden in shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning products and bathing products not to mention over the counter medicines.  All the products we sell do notcontain any harmful chemicals. Although some eczema can be caused by external irritants, it is very often caused by some intolerance.  Therefore, it is worth being tested.  Your GP can arrange this or we do also sell an accurate test that is quick and simple to do.


Try to reduce stress which will simply exacerbate the symptoms.  Try yoga or maybe gentle exercise such a walking.  I also find camomile tea and natural liquorice to be great for the nervous system and in times of stress Rescue Remedy is wonderful.  We even have Rescue Remedy for children now too. Avoid chemical containing soap powders – our Ecover range is gentle and natural. Avoid chemical containing body and bath products.  Our Lavera, Tiddly Pom, Willow and Little Green Radicals are fantastic for children especially those with eczema.  For adults, I would suggest Lavera, Willow and Spa Rituals – all natural and gentle.   All products mentioned in this report are available at

6 Benefits of Going Veggie Just 1-Day a Week – Julie Neville

National Vegetarian Week

If you were ever in doubt about the benefit of Going Vegetarian just One-day a week, here’s 6 of the best for starters…

  1. New research has shown that eating 7 or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day is healthier than the minimum 5 currently recommended and would prolong lives, experts say. A study of 65,226 men and women indicated the more fruit and vegetables people ate, the less likely they were to die – at any given age
  2. What counts as your 5 / 7 a day?

The 5-a-day message is based on advice from the World Health Organisation

  • The 5-a-day message is based on advice from the World Health Organisation
  • The health benefits are getting five 80g (3oz) portions of fruit and vegetables every day
  • Your 5 portions should include a variety of fruit and veg!
  • Most fruits and veg count towards 5 a day
  • The government says it can include fresh, frozen, canned, dried or pure juices

3. A study by University of Oxford and Cornell University found that Non-meat eaters are 32% less likely to die from cardiovascular issues and generally have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

4. A vegetarian diet tends to be lower in total fat, and vegetarians tend to eat proportionally more polyunsaturated fat to saturated fat compared with non-vegetarians. (Animal products are the major sources of dietary saturated fat).

5. Good for the environment: It takes thousands more litres of water to produce a kilo of beef than to grow the same quantity of grains,vegetables or pulses

6. A vegetarian diet helps reduce your carbon foot print. It also helps to conserve the land and water and protect the oceans