Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week

My 2nd daughter Lauren was born prematurely at 31 weeks…….. She was also born with a Congenital Heart Defect (hole in her heart)

For families who have been affected by this, it is a heartbreaking and shattering time. Lauren was born with a hole in her heart due to Epilim I was taking to control my Epilepsy. This is very common with babies born whose mums have taken Epilepsy medications. We were lucky, Lauren’s heart repaired itself and closed naturally. Unfortunately for many babies born with a CHD this can stay with them forever.

7-14 February is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week.

Congenital heart disease is one of the most common types of birth defect, affecting up to 9 in every 1,000 babies born in the UK.

Signs and symptoms
The condition can have a number of symptoms, including:
rapid heartbeat
rapid breathing
excessive sweating
extreme tiredness and fatigue
a blue tinge to the skin (cyanosis)
tiredness and rapid breathing when a baby is feeding

For more information on CHD



Reasons To Be Cheerful


Another week has gone by and were nearly at the end of January.  It has to be the most depressing month of all, its cold, the catch up of Christmas bills, but even though its dreary there are reasons for me to be cheerful :

  • This evening my oldest daughter Chloe (11) got her bronze certificate in swimming.
  • IMG_0074
  • Our holiday to the caravan is booked yaaaaaayyyyyyy the kids love the caravan holidays as do me and Joe
  • Our campaign has taken another step up as yesterday Government and MHRA released a press statement that Epilim DOES affect babies during pregnancy

  • Speech Therapy is going really well for Luke and the last few weeks there has been a dramatic change in him
  • I’ve been invited to give a speech about the affects of medication in Pregnancy along with Janet to a very distinguished group of people :J)

Hope you are having a cheerful week too :J)

Happy Birthday Mum


Happy Birthday Mum

Absent from our lives for so long now

Precious memories stored forever

Precious times still wished of us together

Your memory lives on


Birthdays and life is not the same

I wish things were different

Realisation of your loss is daily

Times we had

Happy times we had they are mainly

Drinks and cake will be raised for you with the kids

A happy smile for the kids, tears welling in my eyes

Your memory lives on



Until we meet again, wishing you Happy Birthday up above



Happy Christmas

Wishing all my family, friends, colleagues, followers on Twitter, readers of my blog and all those supporting my National Campaign a fabulous Christmas. Hope you all have a great time, get lots of presents and be very very Merry…. Make it a good one🎄🍷🎄🍷🎄🎅🍷🎅🎄🎅🎄


My Early Christmas Present

This morning I travelled up to Preston to meet my work partner Janet, as we have a meeting at Parliament tomorrow, so we get the train from Preston to London.  She is your typical full on organised, cards written , presents wrapped the lot, where as I was wrapping her present in the car on the way up:J)

Last time we were in London, I misplaced my purse but at the time I was in a huge panic as I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It wasn’t the fact of the money, as there was none in it but was mad at the fact of the pictures I carry in my purse, the kids, family but the most treasured picture of my mum and nana together.

For those that don’t follow my blog, my mum died 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my 1st child .  She was diagnosed with breast cancer, and successfully did beat this but unfortunately was then diagnosed with tumours in her brain.  At the time, I remember begging my mums consultant to operate on her, as this sometimes can be done, but where the tumour was… was too dangerous. She died aged 42, leaving myself (20 at the time) my sister Kerrie and my little brother who was then 8.  She knew she was going to be a nana, but never got to see her.

To this day, still heartbroken

So today Janet gave me my Christmas Present.  There were no words when I opened it…… just tears and lots of them.  Janet said she got it me as she never wants to see me in panic like that again, and that they will always be with me wherever I go.  Until you experience death of a family member, you cannot comprehend what it is like.  My husband has always said it has changed me as a person…. And it has, I will ALWAYS grieve for my mum.  With that though I truly believe she is watching over me, my sister and brother (and the little ones)  What is the point in life if you have no belief???


So thank you Nanny Janny, I love it, up to now my best present so far.  The pendant I asked you to leave me in your will, you don’t have to know I have my own ::))

Christmas Nativity

Today was a tear jerker. Just me being soft but Kian (5yrs- youngest) played his 1st ever part in the school Christmas Nativity Play. He was a Shepherd………. So Proud.

I had visions of him getting on stage and when he saw me crying, the way his brothers and sisters have done when they were younger. Not my little hurricane Kian. He was so confident, not a bit shy and loved the singing.

I just love Christmas 😃😃


Meeting Father Christmas

Last week we posted our letters to Father Christmas, and tonight very excitedly (Kian especially) met him. Their lists consist of Iphone 5, laptop, mobile phone, frozen dress and cars, and a lot more, although Luke has just told Kian “he’s not even real” . Lots of moaning up the street as we walked to the car, he seemed to believe he was real when he was opening the present he’d just received……. Just can’t wait for Christmas morning 😃🎅