The Best Breakfast

You’d think the hubby had won the lottery this morning hearing him from the kitchen.  He was well impressed with his latest culinary talents, I’m not going into detail on how to make it as its all self explanatory.  He said after scoffing it , it was the best thing ever……. Try it , let me know what you think.

To my leader at Slimming World Pat, you will be so proud of me as I declined his offer, even though some of the things are free, look at the amount of oil he used in the pan!!!!!! Not to mention the cheese








Easy Pancake Day

My kids love pancakes…. We will have all toppings tonight, 2 of them on Nutella, 1 with Sugar and Lemon, another 1 will have Syrup and typically 1 child who doesn’t like pancakes.

Pancakes are so easy to make by yourself, you don’t need to buy the overpriced products that will be out today.

You will already have them in your home. Below is a simple picture on the recipe.

Enjoy Pancake Day everyone