From Blogging to Jogging – Week 4


I’m feeling slightly deflated so this blog will be quite short.

I’m still on the slimming world plan and following it to the best I can, however I’ve not had time to get weighed in the last 3 weeks as I’m away in London with my campaign.  I don’t want to get weighed on just any scales I want to stick to the scales I get weighed on at my group.  However I’m not feeling any less lighter so feeling a bit deflated.

Excercise wise not got time to go to the gym as I’m in London then when I come home I’ve appointment with the 5 kiddies, just not managing to get time as things are so busy.  I’m walking as much as I can and dancing around the house when cleaning etc and that’s still been tracked on my Fitbit so feeling confident with that.

I’m being a good girl though, just so eager to get weighed. Every week can’t be a good week I suppose.


Hope you all having lots of success ladies.

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