Reasons To Be Cheerful


Another week has gone by and were nearly at the end of January.  It has to be the most depressing month of all, its cold, the catch up of Christmas bills, but even though its dreary there are reasons for me to be cheerful :

  • This evening my oldest daughter Chloe (11) got her bronze certificate in swimming.
  • IMG_0074
  • Our holiday to the caravan is booked yaaaaaayyyyyyy the kids love the caravan holidays as do me and Joe
  • Our campaign has taken another step up as yesterday Government and MHRA released a press statement that Epilim DOES affect babies during pregnancy

  • Speech Therapy is going really well for Luke and the last few weeks there has been a dramatic change in him
  • I’ve been invited to give a speech about the affects of medication in Pregnancy along with Janet to a very distinguished group of people :J)

Hope you are having a cheerful week too :J)


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