From Blogging to Jogging – Week 2


Week 2 of “from blogging to jogging” and already Hannah and I are delighted that so many people have taken part.  This week were we absolutely thrilled when we were featured in Tots 100 feature of Top 5 Healthy Blogs To be recognised by such a distinguished site was fabulous, so Thank you Tots 100.


My week starts tomorrow as tonight I went to Slimming World.  A new plan has been introduced in order to kick everyones weight loss.  They are phasing out your red and green days so you can basically eat carbs and proteins together.  I was delighted to win a prize tonight…….. a fabulous fruit basket, so I’ve got my fruit sorted for the week.  My fitbit has been tracking all my excercise all week, and I am happy with what I have reached.Planning is key at Slimming World so I’m now going to plan as many meals as I can for the week and look forward to a good weight loss this week.


I will keep posting encouraging posts on Instagram and linking them upto Twitter under the hashtag #bloggingtojogging and remember to post how you are going on with the linky on Hannahs blog

Good luck everyone and have a great week ::))

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