Depo Provera Injection Linked to Breast Cancer?

Today I’ve been out doing research for our campaign and whilst looking through Government research papers, something kept grabbing my attention. In a number of the documents I was looking at and it was pages and pages, the same evidence (dated 1981) kept on coming up, the link between Depo Prevera Injection and Breast Cancer.

This week I received news that a very close friend has breast cancer, so Tuesday spent the night crying, my mum had breast cancer and lost her life. Even in the media it is dominated by cancer ::((  I grant that breast cancer diagnosis isn’t determined by one factor, but like I’ve said all along women need and have the right to make an informed choice.

If you knew that by taking the Depo Prevera as your chosen contraceptive would strengthen the chances of you getting breast cancer, would you then have the injection??  Generally women who have this as contraception, tend to have it and stay on it for years.  If you knew of the risks would you have stayed on it??

We would love to know your opinions

Survey :


“A study, led by Dr. Christopher Li, who is a breast cancer epidemiologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, found that, when compared to women who’d never had Depo-Provera shots, women who had used it within the past five years were 2.2. times more likely to have been given a breast cancer diagnosis. They also found that factors like family history, obesity, and age didn’t make any difference in their risk being affected.

The increased risk is most likely due to the fact the Depo-Provera contains progestin. It’s a synthetic hormone which is also used in Prempro, a hormone pill used to treat postmenopausal women. A previous study found that taking Prempro (which also contains estrogen) increased the risk of breast cancer by a whopping 24 percent. Another hormone therapy pill called Premarin, which has only estrogen and no progestin didn’t increase the risk of cancer in any significant way.”


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