From Blogging To Jogging

So its a new year, and with that is….. the predictable New Me ::))


I am currently a member at Slimming World and have been for a while, but not being as successful as I would like.  I’m on a lot of medication for Epilepsy, Chrones Disease, Depression and even though  Slimming World say medication doesnt afect weight loss I am really struggling. Me just looking at food and I put weight on and I just have to accept that to lose weight I DO need to excercise and make it part of my day.

I’m a member at my local gym and I generally try and go straight from taking the kds to school.  My best classes are spinning and have been doing them 3 times a week before Christmas.  OBviously I havent been for a month so have got to relly get some motivation to go back.

One of the present bought over Christmas that I love is the new Fitbit that is out.  If you have enough money to buy one do get this.  It is fabulous.  It tracks every move you make, counts stairs you walk up and down and the best thing for me is it monitors your sleep pattern which is a huge problem for me. It even lets you know when somebody is phoning you.  I paid £120 for this but it has gone down to around £60 I saw the other day so is a real bargain.  I’m so surprised by the amount of steps I take in a day just being in the house.IMG_1111

So the plan this week is to get into the swing of the new plan at Slimming World plan and to follow it as much as possible.  The kids go back to school Monday so the gym will be calling and hopefully on my way to a good weight loss this week.


I have teamed up with the lovely Hannah from @BuddingSmiles and we will soon be launching a #bloggingtojogging linky so that anyone who is wanting to get fit, watch their weight etc can join in.  I think its a lot better when you are supported when trying to lose weight, its so daunting, but when you have support of others doing it, you dont feel so much on your own.  So ladies and gents come and join in Have you got any health and fitness goals or resolutions? Any tips for me? Please comment below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


10 thoughts on “From Blogging To Jogging

  1. Hi there
    I’m also a member at slimmimg world
    I’ve been at target for 3.5 years but I still go every week as I’m scared to stop
    It keeps me in control
    I put on 5lbs over Xmas so I’m also trying to get in the swing of the new SP plan to lose my extra pounds
    Keep in touch x

  2. Hi Emma just found your blog through tots 100. I’ve just joined slimming world and joined a new gym. This is my first time joining SW. I’ve followed it briefly at home for weight loss but I’m now serious about losing weight as I’m almost as heavy as I was when I was pregnant with my children!
    I’m hoping I can keep motivated for the gym. I’ve been a member of other gyms but get bored & lazy and end up not going. I really want to do this, I’m 40 in March so this is my goal! I look forward to following your journey!! xx

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