Bye Bye Christmas

Today we started to take the Christmas decorations down, and already its looking very bare.  Christmas as always was a mixture of everything from  stress, tears, sadness to delight, happy and releaxed.  In our family its always a time when we are all together on Christmas Day so for the kids and me too its great.  We found it really hard this year buying presents for the kids as they are getting older now and are wanting all the phones/ipads/computers rather than dolls,play dough, games.  The kids as always done really well, they got most things on their lists.  To be fair even the littlest things they opened that didnt cost that much they were so happy with…….its great as parents watching them open up presents.


So now its out of the Christmas bubble and back to dreary January……… people moaning, looking sad and the cold weather. My resolution is the same as always to lose weight and a good 2 stone at that.  Every year I always say I’m losing weight but never actually do it, this year I will be.  As Katie Hopkins is saying at the minute ” theres no reason to be fat” and although shes very opinionated and always at the wrong time Ive got to agree with her on this one.


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