The New Year Tag

I’ve just come across this from Aby on her blog and thought I would join in.New-Year-Tag

What was your highlight of 2014?

There really are too many to mention.  As a campaign it was instigating the European Review into Epilim and then finally getting the results this year.  We have always pushed for a public enquiry but knew we were never going to get this so the next best thing would be to take it to the European Medicines Agency.  Finally getting Europe to recognise that Epilim DOES need to be restricted to women of childbearing age……..just fab

What are you excited for in 2015?

.We have a lot of things planned for 2015.  We’ve already booked our holidays to the caravan for all the school holidays, the kids love going as do me and Joe,   Seeing all the different beaches and towns we visit…… real family time :J)

Campaign wise it’s going to bigger than ever.  Things are already planned and with everything we achieved this year, it can only get bigger.

Any new year resolutions?

Every year as always it is to lose weight.  I re-joined Slimming World in 2014 and have an amazing new leader.  I am determined that 2015 I WILL lose at least 2 stone

My main resolution is to definitely blog more.  Having the kids, hubby and running the campaign, I really don’t get to blog as nearly as much as I would like to.  I’m setting aside time each week to blog and schedule all my posts

Blogging high?

One of my blogging highlights was being featured and accepted into Warrior Mums Club hosted by Michelle Daly on Twitter.  Each week Michelle features ladies who really are inspiring due to personal experiences that they have faced.  Some of the stories she has featured are breath taking and the fact she asked me to be featured……. Was just amazing, definitely one of my proudest blog moments, just so honoured.

Picture of the year?

I’ve so many different pictures of this past year but the one I’ve chosen is of me and my son Luke.  Luke is non verbal a lot of the time, he hates noise, obviously down to the Autism/FACS.  The night the picture was taken it was his birthday and we went to see Wrestling at the MEN Arena in Manchester . He (and me) absolutely loved it.  This picture showing Luke smiling , just melts my heart as he doesn’t do it a lot .



2 thoughts on “The New Year Tag

  1. Lovely positive post Emma. Here’s to a New Year of change and collaboration. Love to you and yours xxx
    PS love the snow on your blog!

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