My Early Christmas Present

This morning I travelled up to Preston to meet my work partner Janet, as we have a meeting at Parliament tomorrow, so we get the train from Preston to London.  She is your typical full on organised, cards written , presents wrapped the lot, where as I was wrapping her present in the car on the way up:J)

Last time we were in London, I misplaced my purse but at the time I was in a huge panic as I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It wasn’t the fact of the money, as there was none in it but was mad at the fact of the pictures I carry in my purse, the kids, family but the most treasured picture of my mum and nana together.

For those that don’t follow my blog, my mum died 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my 1st child .  She was diagnosed with breast cancer, and successfully did beat this but unfortunately was then diagnosed with tumours in her brain.  At the time, I remember begging my mums consultant to operate on her, as this sometimes can be done, but where the tumour was… was too dangerous. She died aged 42, leaving myself (20 at the time) my sister Kerrie and my little brother who was then 8.  She knew she was going to be a nana, but never got to see her.

To this day, still heartbroken

So today Janet gave me my Christmas Present.  There were no words when I opened it…… just tears and lots of them.  Janet said she got it me as she never wants to see me in panic like that again, and that they will always be with me wherever I go.  Until you experience death of a family member, you cannot comprehend what it is like.  My husband has always said it has changed me as a person…. And it has, I will ALWAYS grieve for my mum.  With that though I truly believe she is watching over me, my sister and brother (and the little ones)  What is the point in life if you have no belief???


So thank you Nanny Janny, I love it, up to now my best present so far.  The pendant I asked you to leave me in your will, you don’t have to know I have my own ::))

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