Father God we pray for the fallen men & women – By Shelley Marshall


Father God we pray for the fallen men & women
Give their families grace
Let them wear a smile upon their face
For what their relatives have done ,let them not hold thier head in shame
Or even take the blame
Let the fighting cease
I pray for Holy Peace
Let us wear our Poppy with pride
& stand aside with 2 minutes of silence
Wars have ended , but some are still going on
Wind & rain soldiers feel the cold & pain
Snow or sleet soldiers can barely feel their feet
Cloud or sunshine come what may
Soldiers out in foreign land
For the freedom they are trying to end the ongoing pain
The on going battle Tis not a game
Some soldiers become lame because of whats happened to them
While out in battle
But the commerade remember each & every one
Who have been taken home to be with Jesus
The son of God
Remember a number, remember a name when you,ve fought through a war
You,ll never be the same
The bombs & blasts
It just lasts & lasts
The shrieks & crys the groans of pain the smell of death
Now please may I ask you to wear your Poppy with pride
Stand aside in 2 minutes of silence

This Poem is from Shelley Marshall……. A lovely poem Shelley


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