Trick or Treats For Mums

I love joining in linky’s when I actually get time to blog, particularly more so blog’s that ask you questions and to be creative so for this post I’m joining The Striking Mums.  Kate has given us a list of questions to answer so here goes…….



1. How do you outwit people or circumstances who prevent you getting the life you want?

A good question so for this it has to be don’t act on impulse.  I used to do this a lot but have found with the campaign you sometimes have to take a back seat, weigh up the situation and think.

2. What clever parenting tricks do you pull off regularly?

At the minute my daughters are very eager to save any money/spends they get.  The amount of washing we have in our house is just ridiculous.  So for them to “earn some money” £1 a basket to sort out and put away.  They are actually really good at it, and it saves me doing it in which I get so frustrated and takes me hours

3. What is your top time-saving trick?

Try your best to keep on top of things.  I’m not great at it, but at the moment do one task at a time.  Don’t get stressed out, were only human, things will wait.

4. What is your top housework trick?

Start from the top and work your way down, and also get the kids and hubby to help out…..Its not just us mums that make the mess

5. Have you ever carried out a practical joke? How did it go?

6. If there was a trick of the light what would you like to see?

This is really depressing but it s where I am up to at the minute.  I would love to see my mums happy and smiling face, just for 5 minutes, she had the best smile.

7. Have you ever been tricked and how did that feel?

8. If you designed your own coat or arms what colours, images and words would you include in it?

I love the colours pink and purple and also butterflies, so it would have them in.  I also love the saying things happen for a reason so that would be in it somewhere.  I love quotes so any quotes relating to me and my life would be there to

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