‘My face is a bit frightening’ – Sam Bailey reveals she is suffering from Bell’s Palsy

Last year’s X Factor winner wrote on Twitter that she is getting treatment for the nerve condition which can paralyse muscles in the face

Sam Bailey has revealed she is suffering from Bell’s palsy.

The nerve condition causes temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in one side of the face.

Sam Bailey revealed she is suffering with Bell's Palsy [Wenn]

Sam Bailey revealed she is suffering with Bell’s Palsy [Wenn]

It’s thought to occur when muscles become compressed, though the exact cause is unknown.

The X Factor winner revealed on Twitter that she was receiving treatment for the condition.

She wrote on the social media site that she was going to follow a number of her fans to cheer her up. She said: “As I am suffering at the minute with Bell’s palsy and feeling very sorry for myself x.”

But the mum-of-three still managed to make light of the situation when she appeared on Saturday Kitchen.

Sam tweeted a picture saying her face was numb and she couldn't blink one eye [Sam Bailey/Twitter]

Sam tweeted a picture saying her face was numb and she couldn’t blink one eye [Sam Bailey/Twitter]

She said: “I went out trick-or-treating for Halloween, I didn’t have to wear a mask because obviously my face is a bit frightening.”

After receiving a huge amount of support, Sam thanked them and later gave them an update on her condition.

Tweeting a picture of herself, she wrote: “Apart from having a numb face and not being able to blink my left eye, I’m feeling a lot better today!”

Bell’s palsy affects around 5,000 people each year but seven out of 10 will make a full recovery.

The X Factor winner recently gave birth to her third child Miley [Sam Bailey/Twitter]

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