Sisters’ close shave in memory of tragic sibling

One of my best friends Michelle has recently lost her sister due to cancer.  To raise money for St Annes Hospice where there sister was nursed , Michelle’s sisters Anne and Diane done a fabulous thing and both shaved their heads for charity.

The duo sacrificed their locks to raise funds for St Ann’s Hospice in Little Hulton, where their sister was cared for in her final days

Diane Casey and Ann Howarth

Diane Casey, 53, and Ann Howarth, 60, were shorn of their locks at a family fun day held at the De La Salle Club on Lancaster Road on Sunday.

The event raised more than £4,500 for St Ann’s Hospice – and donations are still coming in.

Diane and Ann’s sister, Joan Carroll, was cared for by St Ann’s while suffering from an aggressive form of cancer.

She died at the age of 67. Diane, from Chevron Close, Clarendon, said she will always be grateful for the standard of care the Little Hulton hospice provided.

She said: “They were fantastic with the family, not just with Joan, they were brilliant with everyone.

“The idea started off when they first diagnosed Joan, She said ‘I’m going to be the only one in the family with no hair’, so I said I would shave my head and Ann said she would too.”

Joan was going to shave her sisters’ heads, but passed away before the event could be arranged.

The day, which was attended by more than 250 people, was successful but poignant.

Diane said: “There were so many people who were in tears, it was very, very emotional. It even got to the kids. It means so much to me and my sister.”

A signed United shirt and two signed pairs of boxing gloves were among the other items auctioned for St Ann’s at the event.

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