Mother’s anger after son dies following epileptic seizures in police custody


The mother of a teen who died after having epileptic seizures when held for 33 hours in police custody says lessons still haven’t been learned.

Billy Salton collapsed in court after being held in a police cell in Stockport.

Billy Salton died aged 19 Credit: ITV Granada

The 19-year-old suffered from severe epilepsy. Despite knowing this, officers failed to monitor him correctly or pass on crucial information that could have saved his life.

His mother Joanne Hynd says that’s not good enough:

Sad that they just couldn’t look after him and give him the care that my son was entitled to.

That everybody’s entitled to as a human being.”


The dad-of-one from Edgeley suffered two epileptic seizures hile in custody at Cheadle Heath police station and a third at Stockport Magistrate’s court after being transferred there for a hearing.

He died three days later in Stepping Hill Hospital from a heart attack brought on by the fits.

Picture of man
Billy Salton in a cell at Cheadle Heath police station Credit: ITV Granada

Neither of his two fits at the police station were spotted by staff, despite him being in a cell with CCTV, and there were delays getting him medication.

His death was the second in two years at the same station in almost identical circumstances.

An IPCC investigation found mistakes had been made by the officers at this station who were supposed to look after Billy.

Greater Manchester Police has reassured the public changes have been made.

The IPCC declined to be interviewed.

Billy’s mother Joanne says she still she believes it’s only a matter of time before the same thing happens here again to somebody else.


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