Slimming World Quiche

Below is a recipe for quiche the slimming world way. It’s easy peasy and no syns at all, so you can eat as much of it or little as you want. Slimming world is great for me as I’m not a measurer or weigher when it come to food so you can add as little or as much of ingredients as you want

Peel potatoes and onions and par boil them in a pan. When soft drain the water and mash both together, adding low fat cottage cheese then carry on mashing. Add that to your tin oh and preheat your oven 😜
Whisk together 2 eggs then pour over the mixture in the tin making sure you cover all the mixture.
I then added cherry tomatoes and spring onions then let it cook, but did turn the oven down.

Nice and easy and can then keep it in the fridge if feeling hungry



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