My Council becomes first in England to collect household rubbish every THREE weeks


My local council has been the 1st in the country to collect our rubbish every 3 weeks.  This is absolutely appalling,  My family has 7 people in it, 2 adults and 5 children.  So as you can imagine we have a lot of rubbish.  When the council come and collect our bins, if our grey been isnt shut flat the council will not take the rubbish, they will also net take any other bin bags next to it.  So with that we do go the local tip regular and dispose our rubbish.  Will this be the case when they are collected every 3 weeks….are they going to pick up the rest of the rubbish or will they just pick up the 1 full bin.  Not to mention the smell.  If the council are going to provide extra bins then this shouldnt be a problem but as our local MP Ivan Lewis has stated, its all down to Government cuts.  It wont be long till all the rats are out in the city due to the rubbish, and they will be having to spend money cathching them.  Definately a matter of health and safety.  A petition has been set up to try and stop this.  For those reading my blog please will you sign the petition, this will be rolled out across Britain and is disgusting


Official response from Ivan Lewis. 

I have been contacted by a number of residents about Bury Council’s changes to bin collections.
I understand people’s concerns at the impact this decision will have on their households and will be raising these concerns with senior representatives of the Council as a matter of urgency. However, it is important local people are aware of the context for this decision. The cuts being imposed by the Con/Dem Government on Bury Council are unprecedented and mean many front line services are at risk. £38 million pounds has been cut since 2011 with another £32 million pounds having to be cut over the next two years.
In total Bury Council’s budget has been cut by approximately 50% over a five year period. In addition to this dire overall situation the Council has been forced to unnecessarily spend approximately £7 million on disposal of waste (such as at landfill) that could have been recycled had waste been placed in the appropriate bins.
With regard to the specific proposals I have been informed that bins are to be collected on a weekly basis with a greater emphasis on recycling. Residents will now have the blue bins (for plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, food/drinks cans & aerosols) and green bins (for paper and cardboard) collected on three weekly cycles as opposed to the current four weekly cycle to provide a greater opportunity to dispose of waste capable of being recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Brown bins (for garden and food waste) will be emptied once every two weeks.
In the weeks and months ahead I hope people of all political persuasion and none will come together to fight for a Fair Deal for Bury and send a clear message to this Government that enough is enough.
If you have any further questions at this stage please feel free to contact me.




  • Bury Council say decision will save £1million a year and boost recycling 
  • Residents fear it will lead to rubbish-strewn streets, more rats and a stench
  • Tory minister says Labour is moving towards monthly bin collections



Rat fear: Tony and Rebecca Bell from Tottington, near Bury, pictured with their daughter Hermione think their garden will be overrun with vermin 

Rat fear: Tony and Rebecca Bell from Tottington, near Bury, pictured with their daughter Hermione think their garden will be overrun with vermin

Some families are to be made to wait three weeks to have their household rubbish collected, it was revealed yesterday.

A new wave of cutbacks means that one council has announced that bins containing general waste destined for landfill will be emptied every 21 days.

Between times, the 180,000 residents of Bury, near Manchester, get only their recycling bins emptied.

Despite residents’ anger, there were warnings that the new policy is likely to spread rapidly to other councils.

The move is a blow for Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, who has been campaigning volubly – to no avail – for councils to bring back weekly collections for all rubbish.

His ministers condemned the decision by Labour-controlled Bury and accused the party of having ‘an agenda of monthly bin collections’.

But there was no criticism from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which has been pressing councils to increase their efforts to enforce recycling to hit EU targets

The three-weekly system is being pioneered by one council in each of England, Scotland and Wales and yesterday the Local Government Association (LGA) gave the green light for others to follow.

For the past three years, binmen in Bury have collected general rubbish meant for landfill once a fortnight. There have also been fortnightly collections of garden and food waste. Rubbish for recycling – such as glass, plastic, metal paper and cardboard – has been collected once a month.

From October, the grey general rubbish bins will be emptied only once every three weeks.

The announcement has enraged residents. Rebecca and Tony Bell of Tottington, near Bury fear their garden will be overrun with rats if they wait three weeks between rubbish collections.

They they are committed to recycling but even so their grey waste bin is always full after a fortnight.

‘There are just some things that have to go in the rubbish bin,’ said Mrs Bell. ‘We even try to use washable nappies as much as possible, but we do use some disposables and having them in the bin for three weeks would be just horrible.

‘One of my friends said there is already a rat problem where they live and it will only get worse.

‘Council tax is going up but the service is going down.’

Retired taxi driver Victor Hagan, 69, said: ‘It’s a scandalous idea. The streets will end up a mess. There will be rats and more fly-tipping, it’s absolutely disgusting.’

One resident wrote on the council website: ‘Don’t I already pay to have my bins taken away? Can I opt out of paying council tax for refuse collection and get someone else to do it?’

First: Bury Council wants to become the first in England to collect its main household bin once every three weeks

First: Bury Council wants to become the first in England to collect its main household bin once every three weeks, suggesting it will save £1million a year

Doretta Cocks, of the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collections, warned: ‘If Bury get away with this, all the others will follow. After that they will move to monthly collections. They don’t really want to collect the rubbish at all – they would rather make us all use private waste contractors.’

But the LGA said: ‘There is no one size-fits-all solution when it comes to bins, and councils will always work with householders to find the best way to collect the waste in their particular area. Our polling shows that the vast majority of people are happy with the way their bins are collected.’

Bury council said it aims to drive up household recycling rates to 50 per cent. Environment chief Tony Isherwood said: ‘Most households will continue to have a collection of at least one type of waste every week. Treatment and disposal of waste from grey bins costs us around £10.2million per year. A lot of this waste could be recycled. We know we can and must do more.

Despite residents’ anger, there were warnings that the new policy is likely to spread rapidly to other councils.

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