Are you one of 10m Hay Fever sufferers in the UK?

Information from the lovely Julie Neville

Hay fever levels and sufferers are at an all-time high in the UK. Pre Industrial Revolution, hay fever did not exist but since we have polluted our atmosphere and subsequently our bodies the number of sufferers is rapidly on the increase. It has been proven that there is an initial trigger for hay fever such as an accumulation of pollutants including pesticides and paint sprays (there are hundreds).  These become the sensitizers causing the membranes in the nose and throat to become inflamed. The body then treats the next thing that comes along such as grass pollen as a foreign invader which increases any inflammation and induces allergic type symptoms Hay fever symptoms vary from sore, puffy and itchy eyes, to congested sinuses or a runny nose. Four Foods To Avoid

  1. Avoid foods high in sugar as these reduce immune function
  2. Reduce salt, alcohol and caffeine
  3. Dairy foods increase mucous formation and will most certainly make symptoms worse so try to avoid altogether when acute and then reduce general intake at all other times
  4. Avoid all foods with any additives and preservatives and try to eat organic. Remember it is chemicals that will have sensitized the body in the first place.

Six Food Groups To Add Into Your Diet

  1. Replace cow’s milk rice, coconut, almond or oat milk
  2. Try to drink raw juices daily and include lots of vegetables in them. Check out my blog for lots of juice recipes.  These boost the immune system and detox the whole body. They are a great way to get a vast array of vitamins and minerals into the body in a form that is readily absorbed.
  3. Drink at least two litres of water daily as being dehydrated exacerbates hay fever symptoms
  4. Nettle tea may ease symptoms
  5. Garlic and onions are both rich in quercetin which can help to reduce the severity of allergic reactions
  6. Eat lots of berries such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries as well as plums and red grapes as these are excellent sources of bioflavonoids which protect the mucous membranes

Useful Remedies Biocare Hystazyme Plus is a specialist combination providing a range of nutrients to

Histazyme Plus

support respiratory health during seasonal changes.  It contains nutrients that are useful for the maintenance of a healthy immune system when pollens and other environmental factors place extra pressures on the body’s nutritional requirements Biocare Vitamin C 2-3 grams daily  which acts like a mild anti-histamine   Biocare Garlic plus capsules can ease congestion and reduce hay fever symptoms Biocare B Complex – it is vital to ensure you have a good source of B Vitamins You need to take probiotics daily and I highly recommend the Biocare BioAcidophilus. These healthy bacteria help to boost immune function and heal the gut thus reducing the toxins that enter the blood stream and also reduce allergic reactions. Biocare also do an excellent children’s probiotic.

  • haymax_pureHaymax is a brilliant product. Apply the natural balm to the base of the nose and it prevents the pollen from entering the body – no pollen, no sneezing.  A really simple yet extremely effective product.



Another effective product is the Weleda Rhinodoran Nasal Spray. It clears blocked and stuffy noses when you have a cold or are suffering from hay fever. It really clears and refreshes all the airways. Homeopathic Remedies have proven to ease hay fever symptoms and the Weleda Mixed Pollen tablets are what I would recommend. They contain a mixture of grasses, cereals and early and mid-blossom trees and weeds.I most definitely advise taking a greens supplement such as the Nutricology Pro Greens

lean greens

orLean Greens. Not only do these boost energy, detox the entire body, boost the thyroid, boost the metabolism, aid digestion and heal the gut and intestines, they also reduce any inflammation in the body so fantastic for arthritis, IBS and even hay fever Helpful Tips It is worth being tested for food intolerances – your GP can arrange this for you or this is also a service we offer at Win Naturally. We also sell a fantastic food intolerance test kit that you can do at home which is extremely accurate and the only home test kit I would recommend.   Many people find relief from adding local honey to their daily diet and it is thought that the pollen in the honey protects you from developing full blown hay fever.   You may want to consider using a Made by Zen Aroma diffuser during the day in the room in which you spend the most time and particularly in your bedroom overnight with the breathe easy pure essential oil added which is excellent at opening the airways. Wear sunglasses when outside to prevent pollen entering the eyes Wash hair daily to remove pollen from the hair that can then be transferred onto the skin and into the body


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