Whistle-blower Reveals How Big Pharma Corps Profit From Lifelong Disease

Have just read this and can completely believe it to be true 

Whistleblower reveals how big pharma corps profit from lifelong disease

The pharmaceutical industry makes its giant profits by making us sick. A whistle-blower with 35 years working for Big Pharma is now speaking out about their practices.

This could be the most powerful and corrupt industry in the world. It kills more people then it saves. It is not news to say that Big Pharma’s interest is ultimately, if not exclusively, in their profits by keeping people sick and ignorant by controlling the “sick care” system and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In the video below, Dr. John Rengen Virapenspeaks out about the big Pharma, and admits his part in it. He has 35 years experience of the manipulation and control exerted by these multi-national companies, having started out as a salesman and eventually becoming a Director of the Swedish affiliate of Eli Lilly & Co. He says that “people are dying from legalized medication” and describes the toxic partnership between the Big Pharma’s and our government and also the part that the media hs to play in spreading misinformation and hype. These are a powerful combination, and one whose sole interest is profit and control.
Doctors now get paid to prescribe medications and the medical care is focused on‘symptomatic treatment’ rather than cures. Imagine the profits from medications dished out for the diseases such as rheumatoid arthritisdiabetesheart disease, Parkinsons etc, people suffering from these diseases live a long time so once they are given medication they will continue to take that medication quite possibly for the rest of their lives. They gain enormous profits by the treatment of symptomatic diseases that people live with for the duration of their lives.

Virapen admits he bribed the Swedish Government when it came to licensing Prozac, andside effects of studies he was involved with at a hospital in Stokholm were not revealed. This is actually allowed by Law. He says salesmen are told never ever to discuss side effects with the Doctors and hospital bodies they deal with , but to just focus on the features, advantages and benefits.

Big Pharma will not test anything natural because they can’t make money on it – despite the evidence across all spectrums of ill health that nature cures. The big toxic trio of the Food Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Government are all scratching each others backs and making us sick and keeping us sick.

Recently a Big Pharma company has even tried to patent cannabis for curing cancer. How can they patent nature? Read more on that here :http://www.naturalcuresnotmedicine.com/2014/06/cannabis-cures-cancer-big-pharma-owns-patent.html 
The health benefits of things like cannabis oil has been known for years, as regular readers will realize. But unless Big Pharma figure out how to make a huge profit from the sales, then and only then, will they acknowledge this.

Their focus is on making money from treatment, not cures.

Where does that leave us – we need to all return to basics and feed our bodies well from nature and heal our bodies well from nature.

Watch a portion of Virapen speaking out here:




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