Support Callum the Little Braveheart

Raising awareness of a condition many people don’t know about is a tough job, even more so if you are  a parent looking after a child who is poorly.  Below is the incredible story of Callum aged 4 who is still defying the odds in his mums words ……Keep fighting Callum (and Jo)
Callum before his operation

Callum before his operation

Callum was born with multiple Congenital Heart Disease on 22 January 2010. He has battled for his life from day one, and come close to losing his life many times. Callum is fed solely by Tube (Gastrostomy) via a feed pump.
Working hard to get him to taste foods, he has small Licks of foods. Cal is under numerous specialists and to date has had 24 operations at the age of 4yrs old! More than most people endure in a lifetime. It has been a scary journey, that My Son, Cal+I have travelled, and we take one day at a time.
Callum was also born with Hypospadias, has Opmathology conditions,  Aversive feeding behaviour, Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease,  Gastric Dumping Syndrome,  Sliding Hiatus Hernia, Production of excessive upper airway secretions+ Choking,   Sleep Apnoea,   Possible Epilepsy, Delayed development+ Education needs,  Probable Autism Spectrum Disorders,   Sleeping Disorders.
Callum is going to require Open Heart Surgery again within the next 5 years (It was thought he would’nt need it again until early adulthood, but it is going to be required alot sooner, which is a huge devastation to me) But My Cal-Cal has defied all the odds so far, So Keep fighting My Son xxxxx
To keep up with the developments of Callum, please hit the LIKE nutton on his Facebook Page

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