Best Food For Footballers….for Phil & Harvey Neville…Mum knows best

Julie Neville knows what the best food is to feed a footballer

phil julie in store_1


With a footie-mad family starting with Julie’s husband ex England, Manchester United and Everton player, Phil Neville, brother-in-law and former England and Manchester United star Gary and now her son Harvey,  Julie has a breadth of experience making sure she knows what food to feed footballing family.

This self-taught food diet and nutrition expert knows exactly what it takes to fuel athletes. From a big breakfast to drinking plenty of fluids and choosing the right snacks.

Now Julie is revealing the health problems that inspired her to learn about food, change the way her family eats and created a blueprint for any athletic person, young or old, amateur or professional. And it all begins when you wake up.

“A proper breakfast is vital, although Philip is now coaching, his


regime remains intense and our son Harvey aged 11 is in a football academy so still on a daily basis I’m preparing the type of meals that Philip would have had while he was playing to fuel my boys for optimum performance, endurance and recovery”. 

“Harvey’s typical breakfast is a large bowl of fresh fruit, a wholemeal toasted bagel with butter, twoWeetabix with hot milk andManuka honey or porridge withManuka honey (I add 

Comvita Manuka Honey

probiotics and multivitamins to the Weetabix and porridge) plus a yogurt drink or smoothie.

“I know this sounds like a lot but children burn a lot of calories especially those who play sport, plus all the research shows that kids who eat a proper breakfast perform better at school.”

Julie, who is CEO and Founder of a wellness store specialising insports and health nutrition and makes sure Phil never leaves the house on an empty stomach either.”Recent research showing not only that those who ate a good breakfast daily weighed significantly less than those that did not, but that concentration levels were much greater in those that ate breakfast.”Hydration is really important as well, the England team will need to keep really hydrated playing in the soaring heat of Brazil.
Philip always takes electrolyte tablets in his water to help himrehydrate. 

high5 Zero Tablets


“Favourites with our elite athletes are the Hi 5 ZERO tablets and the OTE Hydro Tablets. As for Harvey he doesn’t drink any sports drinks – they’re not required at his age and rot teeth.

“Instead he would have Berry Co Goji Berry juice in his drinks bottle which is one of the most nutrient-dense juices in the world right now and a fantastic source of energy or the amazing children’s Vita Coco range of flavoured coconut waters which are fantastic.

Vita cocoKids

“Coconut waters remain a favourite too with all our elite and professional athletes during and post training.”

Julie became interested inhealth and wellbeing after complications from the traumatic birth of her second child Isabella.

She lost a large amount of blood during the birth, didn’t even meet her baby until 36 hours after delivery and had to bear being separated from Isabella who spent several weeks in intensive care.

Julie went on to become anaemic and was then diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and six weeks after Isabella’s birth, she developed a blood clot and had to be hospitalised.

Later she collapsed and needed emergency surgery on her eyes for acute glaucoma.

Exhausted and emotional Julie began to suffer with insomnia and panic attacks and was told she’d be on medication for the rest of her life.

Then at 18 months old, Isabella was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that affects movement and coordination, and needed special medical attention.


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