Wobble Wednesday


It was my 1st week back on the Slimming World Plan, and at the start  I was all confident….. it was a completely different story when I went to weigh in.  Deflated was not the word.  I did go the meeting expecting to have put on but as it turned out I lost HALF.  Bloody half…… I can lose that going to the toilet…..well as it shows I clearly cant, I couldnt even lose 1lb

I’ve been down at Parliament and that is always tricky as there are so many cake shops and Costa Coffee, I cant help but get sucked into going into the shops.  I have been focusing on eating more chicken with meals , sticking to the vegetables and salad etc .  Back home with the kiddies it is more tempting as they obviously have treats in, so I have ben looking around for syn free desert recipes and have found some fabulous ones.

So for this week Im starting breakfast as normal at 7:30 with the kids and basically sticking to the plan.  I am hoping to have lost 2 on Thursday and if not I will be upset.  I want to cook and make more recipes, so that there is always something in I can pick on…..melon has been good for that and it is a superspeed food ::))


Have a great week everyone


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