Today, Joe and I went to the park with the kiddies. I wasn’t in the best of moods having come in at 2:00…. A little bit tipsy, but it was a nice morning and we had promised them we would go.
At the park near me, they do a fabulous scheme where you can hire bikes (£2 per child) for children with physical disabilities, they also teach children to ride bikes. The bikes are great and Lauren loves coming

We hired a bike for Luke, and what we hoped would be something that he would enjoy, just didn’t turn out like that. He is 8 and is diagnosed with FACS, Cerebral Palsy, Severe Valgus Foot and has extremely hyper mobile joints. Joe helped him on the bike, and from the off he simply couldn’t coordinate the bike at all. It may sound silly “What he couldn’t ride a bike?” But this is very common with children who are diagnosed with Dyspraxia/Autism. He couldn’t fathom out how to coordinate the wheels. Joe was trying to show him how to do it, but he couldn’t do it. He was upset by this point and crying. To make it all worse whilst he was crying , he ended up crashing into the side of the lane, falling off the bike into the grass . This made the situation worse as you can imagine, he was more upset and crying more. Joe put the bike back and changed it for a 4 wheeler where 2 persons can peddle (I was on another one with Kian…… Knackered 😀😀) they both got on it but Luke wasn’t interested at all. His whole body language just slumped and you could see the sadness in his face. “I’m 8 and can’t even ride a bike” was his words when I caught up with him, and hearing that …. Made me so sad. I told him that he just has to keep practising, and he will eventually learn how to do it. Still frustrated he said “Don’t you get it, I can’t ride it”.

We will keep going as Lauren loves the bike, the park where the swings and slides are is fab. Trying to find a balance of taking the others for fun but knowing Luke as I do, it will make him more angry when he tries them again.
Even the ice cream at the end didn’t cheer him up.



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