Frozen banana and peanut butter smoothie

Something sweet something savoury


A couple of years ago I read about a tip that changed my life. And also saved me a few pennies. You see, I have a thing about overripe bananas. I can’t stand them. I don’t mind a few brown speckles, but anything beyond that makes me slightly queasy. We eat a fair amount of bananas in our house, but I ended up buying more than we could eat in a few days and before I knew it, I would be faced with more black bananas than I could possibly bake with or stomach sitting on my kitchen counter. Which led to them being guiltily thrown in the bin. Unloved and unused.

That scenario happened on an almost weekly basis in my kitchen until I read about freezing bananas. When they are turning too speckled for your liking, slip off the skins, slice them up into fairly small chunks and…

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