Eczema – Hard to Live with. Harder to get rid of.

Top 5 Tips for Eczema

1. How Many People…? If you suffer with Eczema, you’re not alone. Around 6 million people in the UK are now affected by eczema and 1 in in 5 children now suffer with this awful, irritating, skin condition.

Dermatitis is its medical name and whether you’re atopic (genetic) work-related (contact), the circular (discoid) or any of the other recognised types of Eczema, we sympathise. Its awful. Truly awful.

Many conditions may be treated from the outside to manage the Eczema, but don’t forget to to look within. Diet can play a part in helping.


2. Foods to Try and Avoid Sugar affects the immune system so reduce your intake and replace with agave syrup where possible. Read more here about Agave Syrup.

Agave Syrup

Avoid preservatives, additives and pesticides. Reduce your intake of dairy, alcohol and tomatoes. Reduce your intake of wheat – it may be worth switching to gluten free foods to see if symptoms improve.  We currently stock an amazing range of quality gluten free foods.


Cut out tea and coffee and replace with herbal teas.  Our Heath and Heather and Pukka range of herbal teas are both delicious and nutritious.


3. Foods to add into the Diet Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. clearspring-oliveExtra Virgin olive oil – our Clear Spring Olive oil is wonderful and we use it daily in our house. Drink freshly made juices – read my blog each week for a new variety. Oily fish for the essential fats. Foods that cleanse the liver such as beetroot, celery and artichokes. Seeds will nourish the skin and speed up the healing process so munch on them throughout the day. Have a look at our munchy seeds range, they come in many varieties and are handy to carry with you.  I always have a packet in my handbag and even our children love them. Add linseeds or flaxseeds to your daily diet.  Our Linwoods range are already ground and so easy to add to soups, cereals and salads. Avocados are rich in vitamin E and so aid skin healing.


4. Useful Remedies Take a good multi vitamin daily.  Biocare is a good quality brand and easily digested by the body.  They also do a great children’s vitamin.  This comes in capsules or powder and I simply add it to Harvey and Isabella’s porridge every morning.


Take a good probiotic as the friendly bacteria improves digestion and reduces immune responses.  A good one is Biocare BioAcidophilus.  Again, we currently stock a children’s one which is strawberry flavoured too. L-Glutamine aids the healing of the gut so worth taking daily also.  We stock a fantastic Biocare L-Glutamine. Evening primrose oil has been shown to help heal eczema.   Again my recommendation would be the Biocare evening primrose oil.

Biocare Evening Primrose Oil

Fish oils are anti inflammatory so again supplement with Biocare Mega EPA 1000 or the Biocare junior fish oil capsule. Calendula cream and lotion can be extremely effective at relieving the itching caused by eczema.  Have a look at our Weleda range. OurSalcura skincare range is specifically designed for eczema and is fantastic.  I would highly recommend it. Manuka Honey is both amazing for the digestive system and immune system and can also be placed directly onto the skin.  The higher the UMF the higher anti bacterial properties it contains. Nutricology Pro Greens or Lean Greens – I take this daily – fantastic at alkalizing the whole body, boosts the immune system and energy levels but has also been shown to be effective in treating eczema and other skin conditions and allergies.  Another effective product are the Wheatgrass shots which you simply take one sachet of daily.

Alassala Argan Oil

Moroccan Argan Oil –The most amazing natural Argan oil proven to be not only a fabulous anti ager and hydrating to the face and body – it is also extremely effective in treating skin conditions.


5. Julie’s Helpful TipsRemove as many chemical containing products from your home and life as possible.  Don’t forget those hidden in shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning products and bathing products not to mention over the counter medicines.  All the products we sell do notcontain any harmful chemicals. Although some eczema can be caused by external irritants, it is very often caused by some intolerance.  Therefore, it is worth being tested.  Your GP can arrange this or we do also sell an accurate test that is quick and simple to do.


Try to reduce stress which will simply exacerbate the symptoms.  Try yoga or maybe gentle exercise such a walking.  I also find camomile tea and natural liquorice to be great for the nervous system and in times of stress Rescue Remedy is wonderful.  We even have Rescue Remedy for children now too. Avoid chemical containing soap powders – our Ecover range is gentle and natural. Avoid chemical containing body and bath products.  Our Lavera, Tiddly Pom, Willow and Little Green Radicals are fantastic for children especially those with eczema.  For adults, I would suggest Lavera, Willow and Spa Rituals – all natural and gentle.   All products mentioned in this report are available at


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