Holidays in Portugal

2014-05-28 16.01.01

We have just returned from our holidays in Portugal.  16 of my family went (us included) and we all stayed in a Villa, the kids loved it.  It had been planned for a year and was tough saving for it, 5 new passports for the kids (which are not cheap) paying for flights, the villa , clothes etc.  Saving all year, and the nights of having beans/cheese/spaghetti on toast were definitely worth it as Portugal is fabulous.

The last time I went there I was pregnant with my 4th child Erin and it was a week after Madeline McCann went missing.  Personally when anyone ever says the word Portugal I think Madeline will always be associated with it.  I found myself whilst there looking everywhere, looking at children, just anything really in the hope that she will be found.  Very immature of me but I think every parent will always have the hope in them that she will be found.

The kids were great on the plane and loved it, every parent dreads the plane with the kids but this didn’t bother them at all.  They just couldn’t wait to get in the pool.  Landing the weather was glorious, nice and hot, something of a rarity in Britain.  There wasn’t 1 day of rain whilst we were there, which was great.


2014-05-27 15.54.31


It was great just spending time with the kids and the family.  Internet connection was really limited so there was no chance of working on the campaign (also a pre warning off hubby before we left)

2014-05-26 15.31.10

The beaches were amazing, which made shell collecting fab, the kids loved going into the sea getting splashed by the waves.  The Portugese people were so friendly and calm, making you realise how rushed and busy us Brits are. 20140608-211702-76622548.jpg










If you ever go to Portugal (to the West of Albufreira ) you will find a great bar called Scoobys Family Pool Bar.  It has everything for the family, swimming pool, play area, pool table, sunbed loungers , board games, Sky Sports TV and like we did most days spent the whole day there.  The food was British based, all the comfort food you want whilst away and would be prepared ASAP and not left waiting.  The staff  were very helpful and friendly and their was no need to go to the bar as they would come to you.  What was even better is that the man himself Scooby (Originally from London) will pick you up from where you are staying and take you back home so there is no need to be waiting around on Taxi’s.







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