How To Get A Bikini Body at WinNaturally

Suntan cream? – Check. Bags Packed?- Check. Bikini Body – Mmm.

Summer time is fast approaching and we girls turn our thoughts to wanting to look and feel amazing on holiday with a bikini body. Now is the time ladies to prepare and WinNaturally has everything you need to help you obtain that perfect beach body in terms of tips, advice as well as specific weight loss products.


  • Exercise regularly – this raises your metabolic rate, decreases fatty deposits, helps to reduce cravings as well as releasing feel good endorphins and increasing oxygen to all the internal organs.
  • For the best results, include varied forms of exercise in your weekly regime.  Look to include some cardio exercises (running, cross training, cycling) with some strength training, (yoga/pilates and swimming).
  • Make it fun! Its so much easier to stick to if you are enjoying it.

Body Sculpting Cream & Serum

You may have recently heard of Epochas – a new slimming formula massaged onto the skin

Epochas Cream & Serum

which gives a warm sensation as the serum starts to work opening pores and allowing the absorption to get where the cream needs to help the most. And available in Our Trafford Centre Store in Manchester!


Portion Plate

Most people have no idea of what portions each of their meals should be made up of from each food group.  Ourportion plates make this extremely simple and are a most effective weight loss aid.  Stick to the sections of the plate for each food group.  Portion control is one of the key ways to lose and maintain a healthy weight.  These plates have been designed with a clean and simple approach to create a discreet addition to your dining environment.

Gluten Free

  • 97% of people in Western Society eat far too much gluten.
  • This then uses up our energy stores, breaks down our immune systems and even leads to a whole host of health conditions and allergies.
  • The gluten found in grains is extremely hard for the body to digest and eating foods containing gluten can actually trigger overeating as you are not absorbing the nutrients such as zinc, B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, vitamin C etc.  You are getting the calories but not the energy so you crave these foods even more.
  • We recommend that everyone cuts out gluten for at least one month to see the increase in weight loss and improvements in energy and mental alertness.
  • Win Naturally stocks a wide range of gluten free products that are delicious and nutritious so eating gluten free could not be easier.


Artificial Sweeteners

Agave Syrup

These are found in over 3000 low calorie foods and place a strain on the liver and actually slow down weight loss.  These are toxic and must be avoided. Fantastic natural alternatives are stevia – which looks like sugar, tastes like sugar and is used like sugar but from the stevia plant and completely calorie free.  Agave syrup – a natural and nutritious sweetener that does not affect glycaemic levels.

Manuka Honey – a highly nutritious honey that has amazing antibacterial properties and gives both the immune and digestive systems a boost.

Comvita Manuka Honey


Always start the day with breakfast.  Your body will have gone on average ten hours without food.

Your first meal of the day kick starts the metabolism and provides your body and mind with the correct fuel for the day.  The nutrients that you give your body at breakfast can determine your energy levels and calorie intake for the whole day and it is a proven fact that people who eat breakfast daily weight less than those who don’t.  Good healthy options include:


Gluten free porridge topped with fresh fruit and agave syrup or honey

Perkier Apple Cinnamon Porridge

Gluten free muesli topped with a chopped banana

Poached egg on wholemeal gluten free bread

Organic peanut butter on wholemeal gluten free bread

Fresh fruit topped with natural or soya yoghurt and a handful of seeds

Breakfast Smoothies  – check out my smoothie recipes below

Lizi’s natural organic granolas

Eliminate White Flour Based Foods Replace white flour based foods such as white bread, rice and pasta with quinoa and millet which are highly nutritious grains. Quinoa is a fine protein source too.

Cut Out The Caffeine Try to replace your regular tea and coffee with herbal teas which are extremely nutritious and cleansing to the body

PUKKA do a fantastic detox or cleanse herbal tea and green tea is proven to

Pukka Detox

boost metabolism and fat burning.

Fruit and Vegetables Have a fresh juice and perhaps a piece of fruit throughout the day and you have easily eaten more than your daily recommended amount.

Essential Fats People often make the mistake when trying to lose weight of cutting out all fats.  Essential fats are vital if you wish to lose weight and are also required to turn fat to energy within the cells. Good sources of essential fats are:

Rapeseed oil – half the saturated fat of olive oil yet ten times the omega 3.  It also maintains its nutrients at high temperatures which makes it perfect for cooking.

Udo’s Oil or Moroccan Argan Oil added to soups, salads, smoothies, vegetables, pasta – so nutritious and delicious

Seeds – Snack on munchy seeds daily – prevents cravings and balances blood sugar

Munchy Seeds

levels – great flavours too such as honey, chilli, pumpkin and omega mix – even my children take these seed sachets to school Milled flaxseeds – I advise everyone to add at least two tablespoons of flaxseeds to their food daily.  They flush fat through the intestines and are a rich source of vital vitamins, minerals and essential fats.

  • Linwoods Flax Seeds

    Our Linwoods range of milled flaxseeds are so versatile and can be added to every food or meal and come in a variety of delicious flavours

Nuts and Nut Butters – Almond, cashew, brazil and hazelnut butters are nutritious, delicious and keep you feeling fuller for longer.  Add to gluten free rice cakes, gluten free bread, vegetables such as celery and cucumber or even serve with an apple for a satisfying mid afternoon snack or supper.

Supplements There are specific supplements which can assist with weight loss such as:


Biocare B Complex – this aids digestion and supports the nerves

Biocare Co Q10 – this is a vitamin like substance that is required for the conversion of fat to energy within the cells.  A recent study reported that over half of obese people are deficient in Co Q10

Biocare Sucroguard – balances blood sugar levels and prevents cravings

Biocare Multi Vitamin and Mineral formula – very often cravings arise from a deficiency – a good quality multi vitamin will ensure that you are providing your body with a good base of vital vitamins and minerals

Betteryou B12 Oral Energy Spray – This apricot flavoured spray is taken once a day under the tongue.  It gives energy a super boost but also boosts the metabolism and is great for memory and concentration – a WinNaturally best seller!BTW – I am quite specific about which brand of supplement to use simply because there are many well known brands out there that are expensive yet poor potency, not readily absorbed by the body and pretty much ineffective.

Win Naturally Specific Weight Loss Products Skinny Sprinkles – How Do they Work? 

Take one sachet mixed with water or milk 30 minutes before each main meal to make a delicious strawberry drink.

Skinny Sprinkles contains glucomannan (Konjac) in the correct quantities recommend by EFSA for weight loss.

When you drink Skinny Sprinkles glucomannan immediately starts working in your stomach and swells forming into a gel.
The stomach reacts to this gel solution in the same way it would food, which delays gastric emptying. Gastric emptying refers to the speed at which food and drink leaves the stomach.
Food is retained in the stomach to allow digestion to take place, where as fluid leaves the stomach almost immediately. This is why a glass of water will not satisfy us in the same way as food will. It is the delay in gastric emptying that makes us feel full.

Curbs the appetite by increasing satiety

Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels

Prebiotic action & Gluten free

Contains the equivalent of 37.5g of real strawberry

I have several customers have lost over two stones using this product and one of them refers to it as her “natural gastric band!”

Zero Noodles No fat, no sugar, no carbs and only ten calories per pack.  These amazing Japanese noodles have taken the weight loss industry by storm – they also contain a natural appetite suppressant.  Boil for 3-5 minutes and serve in place or rice, pasta or potatoes saving approximately 300 calories and a huge carb serving.

Slim Rice/Slim Pasta Fat free, sugar free, carbohydrate free, gluten free and only 7 calories per serving – this range of rice and pastas are fantastic and so easy to use.  Great for coeliacs, diabetics or those wanting to lose weight.  The equivalent weight of regular rice or pasta would be approximately 350 calories so use daily in place or rice, pasta or potatoes.  Carb free too meaning the body has to burn fat as fuel

ZERO Tablets Simply drop one of these flavoured tablets into your water throughout the day, calorie free, replenish all lost electrolytes and burn 41% more fat.  Couldn’t be simpler

Kinetica CLA and Thermo 5 These are specific weight loss supplements that have been proven to promote weight loss as part of a balanced diet and exercise regime.  The specific blend of ingredients actually stimulates the body into burning more calories than it usually would.

Biocare Lipotone This is a one month intense course to kick start your weight loss programme.  Take one vanilla flavoured drink daily.  This suppresses the appetite, boosts the metabolism, increases fat burning and targets stubborn pockets of fat such as cellulite and tummy fat.

Biocare Body Balance This contains whey protein to build lean muscle, chromium to balance blood sugar levels and L-carnitine and CLA to encourage the body to burn fat more effectively.  Take one scoop mixed with water or juice daily.

Cavalier Chocolate These delicious chocolate bars are made with stevia and no sugar so contain one third of the calories and one third of the fat or a regular bar of chocolate and will also not affect blood sugar levels. A real guilt free treat.

Raspberry Keytone Capsules Another favourite product with celebrities promoting fat burning and weight loss.


This is one of the biggest selling weight loss meal replacement products in the USA and Germany and we are thrilled to be one of the few stockists of it in the UK. A delicious and nutritious drink that keeps you full for four hours.  Comes with a full diet booklet and meal plan. BEST SELLER IN STORE!

BooTea – 14 day plan The detox and weight loss tea taking the country by storm.  One


weight loss tea in the morning and one cleanse tea in the evwning is all you need to boost your metabolism, burn fat, suppress the appetite and detox the whole bosy.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Lean Greens One scoop of this powder makes a tasteless drink that contains five of your five a day.  It is also a powerhouse of vital vitamins and minerals, detoxes the body, reduces inflammation, boosts the thyroid, cleanses the liver, aids digestion and aids weight loss.  Take with water or juice daily.

CitSii –  EXCLUSIVE to WinNaturally – this fabulous comprehensive weight loss range includes:


Fat Burning shakes

Fat burning capsules

Appetite Supressant capsules

Detox capsules

Collagen capsules

This is the whole package, great tasting and extremely effective weight loss range. Just check out the before and after pictures of the amazing lady behind this brand for proof of what can be achieved.

Acai Powder and Juice This is fast becoming a favourite with celebrities for its health benefits but mainly as a weight loss aid. Acai berries are picked from the Acai Palm Tree along the Amazon river.  This berry is not only known for its ground breaking health benefits but also its unique flavour – a chocolately berry mix. So what can you gain from this super powder:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Increased energy
  3. Better digestion
  4. Improved sleep
  5. Enhanced mental health
  6. Stronger immune system
  7. Healthier skin
  8. Youthful complexion
  9. Body detoxification
  10. Improved circulation
  11. Healthier heart

Aspire calorie burning drinks – these are the very first proven calorie burning drinks in the

Aspire Drink

UK.  Delicious carbonated cranberry flavoured drinks.  For each can you drink, you burn 200 calories without doing anything else.  Drink upt o three cans daily.

Healthy Snacking This is very often where people fall down when it comes to healthy eating or they have the perception that if something is healthy it cannot possibly taste good.  Well, the following list of snacks are all delicious and nutritious and most definitely guilt free snacks that are part of a healthy diet:

Nims Fruit Crisps – 100% pure fruit dehydrated into delicious crisps – rich in antioxidants, bursting with vitamin C, fat free and really low in calories

Urban Dried Fruit bags – 100% dried fruit and nothing else – great for snacking on the go

Clearly Scrumptious Dried Fruit bags – again 100% dried fruit and nothing else and handy size bags for lunch boxes or handbags.

Biona Gluten Free rice cakes topped with Carleys or Biona natural nut butters

Gluten-Free, Tasty and Low in Calories

Nak’d raw fruit and nut bars – super nutritious snack bars

Kale Chips – kale has been proven to be the most nutritious vegetable in the world.  These chips are so delicious and a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.

Raw chocolate covered mulberries, goji berries, raisins – rich in antioxidants – taste far too good to be so healthy.

Hummous and Lentil Chips – Best sellers in our stores, delicious and nutritious

Pop chips – potatoes that are popped rather than baked or fried – only one third of the fat of a bag of crisps and only 90 calories per bag

Crips – You will never want or need crisps again after trying these delicious low fat and low calorie snack

Diva popcorn – really nutritious and under 100 calories per bag bursting with fibre and antioxidants

Danielle Fruit snacks – these need to be tasted to be believed – you would never guess they were so healthy – amazing!

Biona natural liquorice – brilliant for the adrenal glands too

Activated Nut Sachets – delicious snack size bags of pure natural protein

9 Bars – natural energy seed bars

Bounce Balls – High protein, carb free natural nut based energy bars – definitely keep you fuller for longer

Munchy Seeds – A wide variety of delicious roasted seed sachets and tubs to carry with you throughout the day

Trek Protein Flapjacks – super healthy but delicious and filling protein flapjacks providing slow release energy and keeping you fuller for longer

Nutrichef Flapjacks These are just a small number of the healthy snack range available at Win Naturally.  Log online to see the full range at


80/20 Rule

I always like to finish off with the 80/20 rule as very often people are daunted by all the information and changes they have to make by this point. I

always stress that if you can incorporate and stick to the recommendations 80% of the time, then the remaining 20% of the time you can relax a little and treat yourself.

If you cut everything you love out 100% of the time then you are less likely to maintain it So perhaps try to stick to it six days each week then have a cheat day where you have your favourite meal or snacks or takeaway – this way you will see great results, feel fantastic and appreciate your treats even more.

Julie x

All products in this weight loss report are available at


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