Autistic Meltdowns

I Was working on the campaign today when I came across this picture. Any parent whose child is Autistic will agree. When I pick my son up from school every day we have walked a 2 minute walk to the car, and by the time we have got the other kids in the car and drove to the main road, say another 5-6 minutes, Luke is in full meltdown in the car. This is then made worse if my any of the other children talk or tell us about their day. It’s so sad to think for all them hours in school, children on the autistic spectrum try and hold it together and when the bell goes it’s like a release button. I spoke about this with the Deputy Head at school, as Luke has been struggling for the last few months. Once I started the conversation I was in tears, it was like I was in meltdown. I told her all about the meltdowns in the car and other issues she explained just what the picture below is saying. I did see a new perspective that day. We spoke about how he is in school, what triggers his meltdowns and how they are managing it with his Support worker. It was great to hear the schools opinion as they deal with a lot of children with special needs, so knowing Luke and my other children are not on their own made me feel a bit better.



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