Another Year Gone By

Another year has gone by without my lovely mum, making it 11 years since she died. She died aged 42 after overcoming and beating the cruel disease that dominates so many ladies Breast Cancer. She then went onto develop 2 tumours in her brain.

Life is cruel and often leaves us with questions such as “Why me” “what if” but I do believe one thing. Things happen for a reason and I stick by this mantra fully. When she died a part of me died with her as my husband says and until you have encountered real grief you will not understand. Losing my mum will always be the biggest event in my life. Over the past 11 years I have hit the lowest of the low with regards to depression, the loss of my mum and everything that has happened with my children. To this day I am still heartbroken and truthfully will never get over losing her, but my mum dying at such a young age has made me the mum and person I am today. I have HAD to carry on for my children and family, I know if she was here I would depend on her fully to help with the kids. Her pictures are all around my house, and even though my children never met her, they know about her, we talk of her all the time, no matter what her memory will always live on.

Live for today, you never know what is around the corner. Looking back I have spent too long crying and grieving for my mum, and not enjoyed what I have here and now.

RIP my lovely mum…… will love you always



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