Shoes To Fit Splints

One of the downfalls of having children with Cerebral Palsy, is finding adequate shoes that can fit over the splint. Both Lauren and Luke wear splints, Lauren 24 hours a day (with maybe 2 hours rest) and Luke wears day splints. We have been attending Orthotics clinics for years now with the kids and we have never been recommended of a place that actually sells shoes to go over splints……We have finally found somewhere. The day I found them I was over the moon, as any parent whose child has cerebral palsy will know how hard it is too find good supportive shoes to go over the splint.

Splints are commonly made out of plastics that can be heated and moulded directly onto the body. They can be produced quickly; however, the plastic is not very strong. As such, splints are usually recommended only when the device is needed for a short time, or when there is not much force placed on the material. So finding shoes that go over the splint , it was like winning the lottery

Laurens Splints and Trainers

Laurens Splints and Trainers

The other thing is that shoes that we do find and normally it is trainers, wear down very easily as sometimes when Lauren is on her frame she will get lazy and drag her legs, scrapping the shoe. We find ourself buying trainers every 6 weeks. So Im hoping these new shoes will last a bit longer.

It is a sport shoe, so its not like Lauren is finally in heels, but it’s a shoe that accommodates the splint. These shoes are called Tomcat Twisters. They are available in all sizes from a childs size 7 to adult size 5 ( in the UK). There is a winter and summer collection and they are available in 4 different colours…. We will be getting the pink :)
The company is called Tomcat and they don’t just do shoes they also do bikes, trikes, chairs and safeguards for beds.

Tomcat Twisters

Tomcat Twisters

Tomcat Website


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