Achievements of FACS Children

This post is dedicated to achievements children with FACS . We want to hear from parents whose children have FACS, and what they have achieved, it can be from the smallest achievement to the biggest or just showing how proud you are of your child. You can send the info to or send via inbox on our FACSA Facebook page. They will be put on this page with pictures and you can nominate them at any time for anything …..even little things are achievemnets….. Lets see our FACS children

Monday 28th April



Here we have a picture of Joshua last year at his foundation stage Graduation. On his Certificate of Achievement he has been awarded for always trying hard in his subjects, making improvements in literacy and for being a confident little boy.
All fabulous traits to have :)

Sunday 27th April

Congratulations to Ashley who has just signed a contract at Quirky Kids Agency for the Pauline Quirk Academy of Performing Arts.
This is Ashley pictured with his mum Christine 1149291_10201981239751828_41704661_o


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