Layout for Parent Letter as Case Study – European Review


Please see below the layout you need to use and points which need addressing in your letter. All the points below are extremely important to re-iterate the problems which Valproate causes the child and the family, and the lack of information given by both UK doctors and the drug company. Once completed please forward to us at

Your Name
Your Address
Address : Dear Reader,
 How old were you when first prescribed Valproate and were the dangers of getting pregnant explained to you.
 Were you offered or receive any pre-conception counselling before becoming pregnant, and were the dangers of Valproate in pregnancy explained to you in full, or was only major malformations mentioned and folic acid given.
 Dosage of Valproate during pregnancy
 Any complications during pregnancy or labour due to Valproate
 Any Withdrawal symptoms suffered by baby at birth from Valproate
 Any diagnosis’ in relation to Fetal Valproate Syndrome eg: cardiac problems, Spina Bifida, Craniostenosis,. Please state if your doctor mentioned or stated that any other problems were due to valproate in pregnancy.
 Any neurodevelopmental problems, cognitive impairments, Autistic spectrum disorders, speech & language problems and verbal IQ problems diagnosed or found on assessments.
 Extensive Dr’s or hospital appointments.
 Age of your child at the moment and any problems with life skills Eg: routine, fear of animals, road sense, understanding circumstances and consequences of actions, noise intolerance….
 State any information or warning you received concerning Valproate in pregnancy or lack of it.
 How this affects yours and the families day to day life. The stress this puts on you as parents and any other siblings.
Yours sincerely,
(Please sign your name and underneath state parent or carer)




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