When You Realise Your Kid is Different

I totally understand every word, and brought back a situation I encountered this week x x

The World of Neil

As parents of SEN children, being with them every day we get used to their at times quirky behaviour and to us it soon becomes “normal” – whatever that really means. Whether its Matthew’s flapping, Daniel’s spinning, its just part of what makes them the children they are. I guess we become blind to all the little things that they do.

With that in mind, it often comes as a little shock when any stranger takes notice of their behaviour from a position of ignorance. Maybe seeing a behaviour in isolation, its easier for them to leap to a conclusion and make a judgement without considering any potential root causes. We all do it I suppose, although with having ha to deal with Matthew and Daniel for 6+ years, we’ve become a bit more sensitive about it all.

Yesterday I had a little reminder about how it can be. As…

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