Vicky the Easter Fairy

With the news and media plagued with such sad, uninspiring and often boring stories, it is a far cry from when community spirit would dominate communities, bringing them together.
Being in hospital is very daunting particularly when you are in for prolonged periods of time. This Easter there will be a lot of very happy but sick children in some Manchester hospitals. My friend Vicky made that plight yesterday cheering up the faces of nurses, families and children.

With Easter upon us Vicky Leach voluntarily set out to try and cheer the children and staff of the Bone Marrow wards in Manchester hospitals. Vicky had a friend whose daughter was treated on the Bone Marrow Ward as a way of saying thanks to the nurses and for the children being in hospital over Easter….Vicky decided to become the Easter Fairy. She encouraged her family/ friends and community to make donations of Easter eggs through her Facebook. Her local Asda store – Eastlands in Manchester supported Vicky and they allowed her to stand in and outside the store so she could request donations from the public. Vicky done this for a number of days and her hard work, determination and caring nature paid off as she collected 922 Easter eggs. She arranged them into lovely hampers, and decorated glasses for the mums of the sick children just to let them know they were being thought of.
Yesterday (19 April 2014) along with her friends Donna, Stephen, Kirsty and Caroline, Vicky delivered the eggs to various units including Ward 84 and the Bone Marrow Ward at North Manchester General Hospital and then travelled to Christies Hospital.


Vicky on her Facebook :
I’ve laughed and cried today put smiles on so many sick people face today from st Mary’s to Christies and the other hospitals we went just sat down from 8 this morning and 922 eggs lighter haha xx I’m feeling so proud of myself n Donna from the hampers to glasses for the mum n jus being aloud on the wards to hand everything out my it all worth while so big thanks to u all n to Michael Hinds for driving us to the hospital andn Skot n to everyone thats given made my whole year xx just don’t no how lucky we r glad to give a little back xxx happy bank holiday people — feeling wonderful with Kirsty Riley and 4 others.


With everyday life, families, work etc to give your time to charities and other worthwhile causes is a very humble thing to do. It is either in you as a person or it isn’t, and luckily for all the children/parents and staff waking up today they will be very grateful . Vicky well done lovely, your caring nature as always, getting people together and going that one step further to make a difference.

If only there were more Vickys in this world
love-quotes-for-her-261 (1)
Happy Easter Everyone


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