FACS Facial Dysmorphic Features

Children who are born with FACS are born with very prominent features on their face. They have a certain “look” and in medical terms it is referred to as Facial Dysmorphic Features. When my children were babies I would get many comments about their “cute button nose” (known as Upturned Nose)and my Nanna would constantly say how they had “Chinese Eyes” (which I now know as Epicantric Folds) I used to get really upset at this, and would normally end up arguing with my Nanna. I would always defend it, particularly the “Chinese Eyes”. The cute button nose comment I would just laugh off. At the time I didn’t know about this condition so was none the wiser, but as I have been working in this field now for a while, once you know what you are looking for, it is so apparent. It sounds awful but I can tell a child whose mum has taken AEDs in pregnancy straight away. Many children with FACS get diagnosed at birth just on facial features alone. As the child grows up the facial features do fade and are not as apparent. Children with Downs Syndrome, you tend to know straight away and it really is the same with FACS children.

FACS Baby Picture
Lee Baby

Narrow Forehead
Epicanthic Folds
Upturned Nose
Thin Upper Lip
No/Shallow Philtrim
Broad Nasal Bridge
Prominent Finger Pads
Low set Ears

001 (2)
003 (2)
Grace Dawson & Josh 2008 (2)
Grace Dawson Josh 2

Have a look at your childs baby pictures, and pictures of your child now. Do they have any of these signs mentioned above??


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