Wobble Wednesday

Wobbles Wednesday

This week has been a very self sabotaging week for me. Friday I was down in London and had 3 major meetings for the campaign, with MHRA, Department of Health and lastly the Drug Company. At all 3 meetings there were endless rounds of coffee then by the end of the day we were in celebration mode as we had great results. The meal replacements of Lipotrim went right out of the window and in came the cream cakes from Valerie Patisserie.

Saturday was one of my best friend’s wedding. I couldn’t go to a wedding and not eat the meal that had been paid for …..It would be so rude. The dinner and most importantly pudding was fab. I did however get exercise into the day with the dancing I was doing in the evening and let me tell you…..I danced away :)
As I don’t drink (Social drinker) I generally am tipsy from the smell of alcohol. Hangover from hell on Sunday morning. As I was child free at the wedding, alcohol was going down me like it was running out. So, all of Sunday I wanted hangover food and ended up with KFC, Ferrero Rocher (Mothers Day present). I did maintain the Lipotrim rule of drinking 4 litres of water(which was needed).

All this week I’ve generally been good. The intake of water I’ve noticed a huge difference as I’m not feeling as tired and my skin is a lot clearer also. I’m not weighing myself but going off my clothes size and I have noticed a difference. I’ve just got to stay more positive and dream of that beach body.

Have a good week everyone.



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