Mothers Day at Winnaturally

For a lovely gift for your mum/ grandmother, Winnaturally are offering a fabulous 20% off the Willow Organic Range. There is everything you need in this range to pamper your loved one. Below is just a small selction of products that is on offer

20140326-155659.jpgWillow Organic Three Soap Box – £24.00

20140326-155716.jpgWillow Organic Classic Candle – Rose and Sandalwood – £27.99

20140326-155729.jpgWillow Organic Classic Candle – White Winter – £27.99

20140326-155740.jpgWillow Organic Baby and Mother Massage Oil – £17.99

20140326-155751.jpgWillow Organic Body Lotion, Bath and Shower Gel Box – £37.99

20140326-155806.jpgWillow Organic Glossy Rose Lip Balm – £11.99

20140326-155819.jpgWillow Organic Face Mask with Manuka Honey – £38.99

20140326-155831.jpgWillow Organic Face Exfoliator – £34.99

20140326-155841.jpgWillow Organic Body Lotion – Orange Lime and Bergamot – £23.99

To view more products for Mothers Day you can visit the store or shop online at


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