Speaking The Truth – An Obvious Crime?

On Monday 10th March, we received a letter from Sanofi basically using their tactics of bullying asking us to stop harassing them, by agreeing to stop using our FACTUAL leaflets about the dangers of Epilim. 2 housewives harassing a multi million drug company…… get me the bloody tissues.

The leaflets INFACT have created have no lies in them, are factual and evidential and we can categorically state that every bit of evidence in them we can prove. We have also had them checked by our Solicitors, there is nothing derogative in them. Yes there are 2 pictures in them, that of Mr Steven Oldfield (Managing Director) and Mr Christopher Vienbacher (CEO)

Yes it also states “Mass Murderer” but yet again there is evidential proof that Epilim causes miscarriage/still birth and children dying because of birth defects. As managing Director and CEO both these people have a responsibility to ensure their drug is safe as they have stated in their “Corporate and Social Responsibilty 2012”

Epilim has ruined families and children’s lives and to this day continues to do so. We are a National Campaign representing the 20,000 babies/children and adults since 1973. It is a known fact that around 500 children per year are injured one way or another by this drug. This has been on going for 40 years yet Government still choose to ignore it .

Is stating the truth a crime today????

Epilim : The Facts http://facsa.org.uk/vital-knowledge/



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