Erin Can Finally Hear


Yesterday was a very long awaited and anticipated day.  16 months ago my daughter Erin (6) was diagnosed with deafness, another symptom from her primary condition FACS.

Since becoming a mum, I am used to having diagnosis of many things with the kids but I was so upset about Erin having hearing loss.  She was always very loud but I just put it down to Erin being Erin and also having 2 sisters and 2 brothers a way of her seeking more attention.  I also envisaged the hearing aid she was to be fitted with like my Grandad’s (15/20 years ago) an aid that would be like a box, a mustardy grey colour and be whistling on and off.  It may sound very nieve and in a way I am, but until your faced in this situation, you don’t know what to expect.

What a long way in technology we have come.  The hearing aids today are fantastic.  They come in lots of different colours and are a lot lot smaller than they were years ago.  What has amazed me about Erin is how she has been looking forward to getting them.  No embarrassment, she has been telling everyone about how excited she is and can’t wait to see them.  Erin picked pink and glittery  (she’s very girly), and when we saw them today,  I was still a bit sad that she did have to wear them, but that all vanished when they were fitted.  The look she gave me and her dad, a huge smile.  I asked her could she hear better and smiling she said yes straight away.  She told us the noises she could hear were clearer. I can’t tell you how fab it was when she said “I can hear”…… brilliant.  A game we would regular play, in which we would cover our mouths and say words she could hear what we were saying where as before she couldn’t hear anything, or would guess at words.

She woke today excited to go to school to show her friends.  She has been assigned a support worker who will go into school and help her adapt to them.  She is also going to do a talk to the rest of the children about hearing aids, explaining what they do and what they are used for.  Erins teacher also has hearing aids so this morning after having spoke to Mrs T she couldn’t wait for her school day to start.




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