Wobbles Wednesday

So for Lent Im giving up DIETING ::)) but on a serious note I am giving up chocolate. I love chocolate I would happily have it for Breakfast, Lunch and Tea. So this will be a challenge, and like I always do at Lent….a big epic fail.

The one change I have done for a few weeks now and have noticed a difference is having my breakfast early. 7:30 is when the kids have their breakfast at the table so Ive been having it then. Ive stuck to having porridge and it really does curb my appetite. Im normally picking throughout the day but have noticed that if I have my porridge it really does set me up for the day.

I am always thirsty, so with that I drink green tea with juice. Thirst is a sign of Diabetes and I have been tested for this but luckily Ive not got it. My water bottle is always with me, times I do have the urge for the odd biscuit I automatically pick my water bottle up.

I got weighed this week, the last time I weighed myself was around 6 weeks ago and from the last reading it was saying Ive lost 4lb. I dont feel like I have lost weight to be truthful I am feeling very bloated. I dont know if this is down to the amount of water Im drinking.

All the little changes Ive been making are helping me, I need to put a bit more effort into excercising. Im back on my spinning bike. Not as much as Id like to so this week my aim is to spin 3 times from now till next weeks Wobble Wednesday

Have a great week ladies, think and stay positive. Were all on this journey together.


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