Drug Manufacturer Sanofi Admit Their Licenced Drug Valproate (Epilim) Causes Autism and Birth Defects

February 24, 2014 by 

Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy, co – founder of ‘Fetal Anti Convulsant Campaign’Association (FACS)– reported in her blog yesterday that Sanofi, a drug manufacturer, admit that valproate, a drug that they licensed can cause autism and birth defects.

Autism Daily Newscast have followed the FACS campaign and reported earlier thismonth that East Midlands Euro MP Glenis Willmott had taken up the cause of families affected by Sodium Valproate (Epilim) and was demanding answers from the Government and from the drugs company Sanofi. Emma Murphy stated in her blog that a Sanofi spokesman said:

“The appropriate treatment of epilepsy before and during pregnancy is highly complex, and uncontrolled seizures during pregnancy may pose substantial risks for the mother and the unborn child,”

He then further added that because of the well-known risks of birth defects:

“for a number of years valproate has not been recommended as a first-choice agent for women with epilepsy who are of child-bearing potential.”

He then said that women of child bearing age should be informed of the risks and benefits of the use of valproate during pregnancy. Emma ends by stating:

“Currently everything Sanofi say should happen for safe use doesn’t happen and there is nobody to ensure that it should.”

The FACS website can be found here The original blog post can be read here


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