Epilim and Obesity


I’ve read an article today and I’m so stunned.


The medication Epilim (Sodium Valproate)  prescribed for a variety of things Epilepsy, Migraine, Depression, Bipolar Disorder etc it would seem the drug company Sanofi want to continue their payroll and profits…….as Epilim  is now being prescribed for Obesity.

As always Sanofi have totally contradicted themselves.  Epilim is renowned for its increase in Weight Gain and has been published by Sanofi on the PILS leaflet (Patient Information Leaflet) that a side effect of Epilim is Weight Gain.  I, myself was on Epilim for a good few years.  My appetite definately increased, I was always hungry so with that was the obvious weight gain and I’m not just talking a few lbs ……. a good 4 stone.  We have spoke to a number of ladies who have also been on Epilim and they themselves have put weight on.

Here at FACSA we…

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