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Charity round-up: Good hearts can make a huge difference

by  on 21 February 2014 in Charity Round-upsRound-Ups


If you could help a good cause, why would you not do so? 

That makes me believe from the standpoint that most people have good hearts that what people tell themselves is …

“But I can’t make a difference!”

This month’s round-up challenges that belief system and demonstrates how simple actions can move mountains.

Charity blog posts

Join in a Thunderclap

Getting involved in a Thunderclap takes seconds and can make a real noise about a good cause. Here is an example for World Encephalitis Day

Read this tribute to a friend affected by the condition.

Collect Baby wipe packets

Did you know that if you use baby wipes or baby food pouches you can collect them and help the fight against brain tumours?

Twin your toilet

You have heard of twin towns. How about twinning your lovely loo with one overseas as part of a charity campaign to give access to toilets that are safe and hygienic? Did you know 2.5 billion people don’t have a decent loo?

Small amounts make a huge difference overseas

I loved this story of how selling a few jars of honey in the UK helped set up bee-keeping overseas as a tool for reducing poverty.

Never forget

When I have listened to Jennie or read her words, it is clear that she has a strong wish that Matilda Mae must not be forgotten. This would not happen anyway. In my own life, a toddler cousin was lost to a terrible accident decades ago when she fell backwards on stone steps whilst having her wellies pulled off. We remember her in the family some of us because we knew her and then people like myself who are too young to remember have heard stories about her. She would be in her sixties now.

Matlida Mae will be remembered because she was loved and because through the efforts of her family and their support network, she is often on our minds and in our hearts. Jennie has made it easy for us to see how we might support the family in their amazing awareness and fund-raising efforts by putting together a list of events and initiatives we can get involved in.

Get involved in an awareness week

Awareness weeks are great to highlight conditions that perhaps don’t attract enough media attention. Emma works tirelessly to highlight the case of Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome and I urge you to find out more about this condition that threatens babies.

Charity appeals

The New Life Foundation

The New Life Foundation supports children with disabilities with medical research, nurses and equipment. They would like to get to know bloggers and have offered a visit to their Cannock HQ in Staffordshire so that an insight can be given into their work. Please email kateonthinice@gmail.com if this is of interest to you.

Save the Children UK

Save the Children UK have an excellent track record of working with bloggers. They have a newborns campaign coming up. If you would like to know more and get your blog involved, please contact c.mosler@savethechildren.org.uk.


The NCT are keen to engage with bloggers willing to promote their services and campaigns. They recently highlighted Cold Homes Week showing how parents are worried about the impact on the wellbeing of their families as they turn off the heating out of worry about rising fuel costs.

Do you blog?

Do you have a good heart?

Can you combine the two to help a great cause?


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