Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome Awareness Week 2014


Monday 10th Feb we will be holding National Fetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome Awareness (FACSA) Week 2014. This is our first Official Awareness Week and so it is prime opportunity to raise awareness not only for the condition but also for the Organisation and the work of the Trust(IN-FACT).

What is #fetalanticonvulsantsyndrome

Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome is a condition caused when a woman taking Anti Epileptic drugs (Sodium Valproate, Carbamazipine & Phenytoin and others) either for:

Epilepsy, Depression, Mood Swings, Pain Relief, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder or Migraines

has been prescribed before or during her pregnancy.

FACS is thought to arise because some of the medications taken to treat all of the above pass through the placenta and into the developing foetus. If a child is diagnosed with FACS there is a very high chance they will also have symptoms of the list below. It is important that your child has a diagnosis of FACS Syndrome and then seeks other diagnosis if needed.

Spina Bifida
Heart Defects
Limb Defects
Inguinal Hernia
Joint Laxity and Poor Muscle Tone (very bendy)
Visual Problems such as short sightedness, squint and strabismus
Characterisric Facial Features
Scholiosis (Curvature of the Spine)
Delay in Reaching Developmental Milestones
Gross and Fine Motor Difficulties
Lower IQ
Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Autism, Dyspraxia, Aspergers Syndrome)
Attention and Memory Difficulties
Speech and Language Difficulties

If you feel your child may have FACS you must speak to your GP about your concerns and request to be referred to a Paeditrician or Clinical Geneticist. Not every child who is exposed to these medicines will have FACS. NEVER stop taking your Anticonvulsant medication without medical advice as this could pose a serious risk to you and if pregnant your child


Manchester Evening News

Manchester Evening News


We have information going out in areas such as London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Manchester, with awareness being raised through the Twitter campaign at Emma4facs and on Facebook where people can find us by typing FACSA into the search bar


The hashtag #fetalanticonvulsantsyndromeawareness will be on all our posts and would be very grateful if any posts you see with this hashtag you could kindly retweet.
You can also type in http://www.facsa.org.uk onto tweets for people to get more information

If you type in FACSA into the search bar we will appear. Please hit the LIKE button and share amongst your friends and colleagues. This will only take a few seconds to do and in doing so you are helping our National Campaign reach more ladies who WILL be taking these medications.
We have lots of news already filtering in and will keep you all posted as the week goes on.





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