Groovy Mums : Week 2


This is the 2nd week of Groovy Mums. Kate has asked us a series of questions about getting our groove on, so here goes……
1) How have I lost sight of myself??
This is a really hard question to answer but Im being really honest with myself to go forward. My mum died 10 years ago of Breast Cancer when she was 40. It is this I have got lost in myself, I have not allowed myself to be happy. I have spent the last 10 years still being devastated over her death. I always will be but in periods of the last 10 years I have let it take over. Instead of enjoying the here and now and the great positive things I have in my life, it has dominated me. My mum will never come back, I have to accept that but by accepting that doesn’t mean I have to forget her……just cherish the fabulous memories I have with her

2) What do I want to get out of 2014??
This is my 2nd year running our National Campaign, so for me 2014 is about keeping the awareness going, so that it is bigger and better and more ladies are understanding the message I am trying to get across about taking medicines during pregnancy.

3) What are the barriers getting the way??
2 words answer this question….Government and Sanofi (drug company) Both parties although they have acknowledged this is a huge problem are putting barriers up in our way to block our campaign. Do they not know Im now a groovy mum??? It will not get in my way. There are ways around everything.
4) What baby steps are you going to take this week??
This week I am keeping up my fitness routine ie 3 x at Curves and 2 spinning sessions at home. This is THE year I am losing my “mummy tummy” . Every year I say this. I am that busy running around after the kids, busy with the campaign, being a housewife I sometimes go hours without eating then come night time will eat like a horse. I’m now sticking to 3 meals and 2 small snacks each day and my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod….. Just amazing



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